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Eddie Izzard: Works in Progress

Largo; January 8–10, 14–15, 21–23

He's been Sexie, Dressed to Kill and now a Force Majeure. Go see Eddie Izzard, the Emmy-award winning, cross-dressing British comedian for a limited engagement at Largo as he tries out new material for his next show, an international comedy tour that kicks off in March in Latvia. Suddenly, Hollywood doesn't seem like so far to go. 7:30, 9:30pm; $25.

Elon Gold

The Comedy & Magic Club; Wednesday–Thursday January 9–10
The Ice House; Saturday January 12

Gold has cropped up on shows such as Chelsea Lately and worked on short-lived series Stacked and In-Laws, but nothing shows off his smarts and talent for impressions like his stand-up.; 8pm; $15 plus two-drink minimum.

Bill Burr

Flappers Comedy Club; Thursday January 10

With his crackling energy, simmering rage and trademark “uninformed logic,” Burr is simply one of the best comics working. As his specials Why Do I Do This? and Let It Go attest, Burr is at his best when positing notions that no sane person could possibly agree with (at least not in public), and then winning the crowd over, joke by joke and laugh by laugh. He’s been nabbing more parts in films lately (such as the recently released Stand Up Guys with Al Pacino), but it hasn’t stopped him from maintaining a tour schedule. 8, 10pm; $25 plus two-drink minimum.


The Ice House; Thursday January 10

So you didn't know this Jackass star was also a stand-up? Well, he's working on it. A few things are known: He's famous, he certainly has interesting stories to tell, and if all else fails, he can always strap his nuts to the tail of a bottle rocket. 8pm; $20 plus two-drink minimum.

Christopher Titus

Flappers Comedy Club; Friday–Saturday January 11–12

Titus is a vicious and unflinching stand-up, burrowing into the darkest corners of his life with a tenacity about which most comics can only fantasize. He has packaged his harrowing experiences—parental abuse, ugly divorce—into successful and respected one-man shows such as Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding and Love Is Evol, but his latest evening of rants, Neverlution, focused on fixing what's wrong with America. 8, 10pm; $20 plus two-drink minimum.

Joe Rogan

The Ice House; Friday January 11

Between hosting Fear Factor and declaring war on Carlos Mencia for stealing other comics' material, it's tempting to view Rogan as a conflict-hungry sadist. That he may be, but he's also an expressive and relatable stand-up who's been at it for more than 20 years. 8:30, 10:30pm; $20 plus two-drink minimum.

Dwayne Perkins

Garrett Morris' Downtown Blues & Comedy Club; Friday–Saturday January 11–12

Likable stand-up Dwayne Perkins, who has his own episode of Comedy Central Presents and appeared on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, manages to be emphatic and laid-back at the same time. The Brooklyn native's tone is so matter-of-fact that his premises, no matter how silly, feel absolutely natural. 9pm; $20.

Russell Peters

Russell Peters

Russell Peters: Notorious

Nokia Theatre LA Live; Saturday January 12

Peters is the first truly international superstar comic, amusing huge crowds of rabid fans who are thrilled when he lays into their country of origin. Buoying his act are quips about pretty much every nationality you can think of, and an uncanny ability to not only dissect but mimic the differences between, say, Mandarin and Cantonese. 8pm; $49.50–$69.50.

Dave Attell

The Comedy & Magic Club; Saturday January 12

Attell is a comic’s comic because he works; he’s traveled the world, done innumerable clubs, appeared on all the late-night shows and is currently dissecting adult films on Showtime's Dave's Old Porn. Attell is not just a great joke writer, he also has a big, highly inappropriate imagination and way too much time to exercise it. 6:45, 9:30pm; $27.50 plus two-drink minimum.

Nick Thune

Hollywood Improv; Saturday January 12

Thune is an understated, guitar-plucking goof who blends puns and absurdist quips into a fun hybrid. 8pm; $18 plus two-drink minimum.

Rob Delaney

Largo; Sunday January 13

Rob Delaney is one of those comics who found his voice on Twitter (@robdelaney) and, subsequently, a much bigger audience. He's got a likable persona, which keeps the crowd with him when he goes blue, and his talent for quip-writing carries into his act. 8pm; $25.

Marc Maron

The Ice House; Sunday January 13

The irreverent ranter Maron, who has hosted programs on Air America, performed his own one-man shows and written a book, is one of the reasons for New York's alt-comedy boom. These days, he's swapping time between the stand-up stage and his WTF podcast with comedy luminaries. 7pm; $22.50 plus two-drink minimum.

Billy Gardell

Flappers Comedy Club; Saturday January 16

Gardell's down-home American outlook kept him touring as a comic for years before he started landing TV and movie gigs, including a starring role in CBS's Mike & Molly. 8pm; $20 plus two-drink minimum.

Natasha Leggero

Hollywood Improv; Wednesday January 16

Donning evening gloves and casting seductive glances, this stand-up projects an air of Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O; her act, however, quickly punctures that veneer. She slings mud at the innumerable plebeians she encounters, but audiences forgive the easy targets when under the sway of her assured, snotty authority. 10pm; $14 plus two-drink minimum.

Kathleen Madigan

The Comedy & Magic Club; Thursday–Saturday January 17–19

Madigan, who now has both a Comedy Central and an HBO special under her belt, is proof that a straightforward, hardworking stand-up doesn't have to be a throwback. She creatively blends matter-of-fact observations with confessional tidbits while scrutinitzing everything she happens upon with a well-honed sarcasm. One of her biggest fans is Lewis Black, who made her a regular on Root of All Evil. January 17–18: 8pm; January 19: 6:45, 9:30pm; $27.50 plus two-drink minimum.

Mike Epps

San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino; Thursday January 17

Epps, one of the stars of Next Friday and Friday After Next, can command a room. He's got a magnetic personality, and if he isn't talking dirty already, his devilish grin will make the audience believe something nasty is about to go down. 7:30pm; $35–$45.

Nick Kroll

Largo; Saturday January 19

Kroll, currently seen on FX's The League, is a ridiculous and ridiculously funny character actor. If you've ever seen him as Bobby Bottleservice or on The Oh, Hello Show with John Mulaney, you know how his mind works when he's making comedy on his own terms. In 2013, he unveils his new Comedy Central series, Kroll Show. 8:30pm; $25.

Jay Mohr

Hollywood Improv; Tuesday January 22, Tuesday January 29, Tuesday February 5

Mohr, who has gone on to fame as the lead in Gary Unmarried and as both creator and host of Last Comic Standing, started doing stand-up as a teenager. Onstage, he's got a talent for accents, impressions and a likable sort of storytelling that appeals to a large audience. 8pm; $20 plus two-drink minimum.

Kevin Smith + Jason Mewes: Jay and Silent Bob Get Old

Laugh Factory Hollywood; Wednesday January 23

In addition to his indie rep, filmmaker Kevin Smith has recently taken to the Internet airwaves with SModcast, a podcast network with programs hosted by himself, producing partner Scott Mosier and other assorted talent. He and frequent onscreen partner Jason Mewes (the Jay to Smith's Silent Bob) will present a live (and, it's safe to assume, raunchy) version of their weekly show, Jay and Silent Bob Get Old. 10pm; $20 plus two-drink minimum.

George Lopez

Terrace Theater at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center; Friday–Saturday January 25–26

At this point in his career, Lopez has written books, appeared in films, starred in his own sitcom (George Lopez) and, most recently, hosted the late-night TBS series Lopez Tonight. But stand-up was his start, and he's still quite at home on stage with a mike. His material sways more political than familial these days, but the bug-eyed mug still comes out when shit is about to get crazy. 8pm; $40.50–$60.50.

Morgan Murphy

Hollywood Improv; Saturday January 26

A stand-up who was one of the first Late Night with Jimmy Fallon writers and is currently working on 2 Broke Girls, the moptopped Murphy is on the rise. And don't let her looks fool you: She is dark, detached and will satisfy the devil on your other shoulder. 10pm; $18 plus two-drink minimum.

Gabriel Iglesias

Coussoulis Arena at Cal State San Bernardino; Saturday January 26

Iglesias has done The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, though he's best known to his fans as Fluffy, the big yet approachable guy with an arsenal of voices at his side. 8pm; $33–$68.

Eugene Mirman

Hollywood Improv; Sunday January 27

Best known for his role in Flight of the Conchords, brilliantly silly New York stand-up Mirman brings his cult alternative comedy act to the Improv. Expect a gleeful evening of organized chaos. 7:30pm; $18 plus two-drink minimum.

Todd Barry: The Crowd Work Tour

Largo; Sunday January 27

Todd Barry has guest-starred on innumerable network and cable comedies, and been featured on almost every late-night talk show. His acerbic wit, deadpan delivery and wickedly smart punch lines will win you over, too. At Largo in January, Barry unveils his ambitious "Crowd Work Tour," a set comprised entirely of banter with his audience. 8pm; $25.

Maz Jobrani

Hollywood Improv; Wednesday January 30

One of the founders of the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour, Jobrani has been rising through the stand-up ranks and taking on TV—late-night and otherwise—and film. As an Iranian, Jobrani has a talent for getting audiences in both the U.S. and the Middle East to laugh at their prejudices. 10pm; $14 plus two-drink minimum.

Brad Garrett

The Comedy & Magic Club; Thursday January 31

If you know Garrett from Everybody Loves Raymond, be prepared. He's been a stand-up since he was a kid and is relaxed onstage; he just lets it fly, regardless of what the audience may think, and his comedy spares nobody's feelings. 8pm; $25 plus two-drink minimum.

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