The 25 coolest winter movies to see this season

Make those outdoor trips count by consulting our list of the worthiest winter movies—upcoming titles from Hollywood, foreign festivals and all points in between.



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Winter movies: Parker


Actors ranging from Lee Marvin to Mel Gibson have played author Donald E. Westlake’s famed vengeance-seeking criminal. Now it’s Jason Statham’s turn—the he-man’s granite physique and ruthless demeanor seem to make him a perfect fit. (Jan 25)

Winter movies: Bullet to the Head

Bullet to the Head

Ah, for the days of unapologetically bombastic Walter Hill action films like 1988’s Red Heat. The director’s comeback effort—a Sly Stallone revenge thriller—aims to fill the void, with the ridiculously ripped action star trading blows and spouting one-liners like the Reagan era never ended. (Feb 1)

Winter movies: The Gatekeepers

The Gatekeepers

Israel’s ultrasecret Shin Bet protects the fragile peace through covert assassinations and illegal means. Director Dror Moreh sits down with six former chiefs, eliciting tactical anecdotes and—significantly—a fair amount of guilt. Gripping. (Feb 1)

Winter movies: A Glimpse Into the Mind of Charles Swan III

A Glimpse Into the Mind of Charles Swan III

Roman Coppola (CQ) never saw a shag carpet he didn’t want to fetishize, yet we still have hope for his directorial latest, about a 1970s graphic designer (Charlie Sheen, possibly great again) who falls into a tailspin after a romantic rejection. (Feb 8)

Winter movies: Identity Thief

Identity Thief

Clean-cut businessman Jason Bateman’s identity is poached by Bridesmaids scene-stealer Melissa McCarthy. Guns are drawn and gonads kicked in equal measure; director Seth Gordon appears to be pushing into even darker territory than his previous black comedy, Horrible Bosses. (Feb 8)

Winter movies: Side Effects

Side Effects

A young woman (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’s Rooney Mara) starts taking new antianxiety medication prescribed by her psychiatrist (Jude Law); let’s just say the pills do more than alter her mood. Steven Soderbergh directs what looks to be a first-rate pharma-thriller. (Feb 8)

Winter movies: Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures

Warner Bros. is betting that fans of this bestselling YA-lit series—about Southern teens battling the forces of “light” and “dark” magic (as well as their hormones)—will turn their film franchise into a Twilight-level phenomenon. See, Twi-Hards, there is a reason to go on. (Feb 13)

Winter movies: A Good Day to Die Hard

A Good Day to Die Hard

Has it really been 25 years since Bruce Willis uttered his first “Yippie-ki-yay, motherfucker”? This time, his iconic cop character, John McClane, heads to Russia, where he teams up with his CIA-operative son (Jai Courtney) to take down a terrorist group. (Feb 14)

Winter movies: No


Chilean director Pablo Larraín’s satire about an advertising whiz (Gael García Bernal) who helps oust General Augusto Pinochet has been making the festival rounds for a while. Now you’ll finally get the chance to see one of sharpest political films of recent memory. (Feb 15)

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