Top tech gifts and gadgets for tech lovers this holiday season

These tech gifts, gadgets, accessories and futuristic gizmos, including bluetooth gloves and watches, will please any electronics-loving lad or lady



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Shop for the latest tech gifts, including watches that alert you to phone calls, sunglasses that record video and solar-charging messenger bags.

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  • Elecom Japan Orime wireless laser mouse by Nendo, $80, at

  • Martian Watches Passport SmartWatch (with Bluetooth, voice command and hands-free capability), $299, at

  • Hammacher Schlemmer iPad-to-foosball table converter, $100, at

  • VidVision high-definition sunglasses with built-in video camcorder, $100, at

  • Apple iPad Air, $499–$929, at Apple Store, locations throughout the city; visit

  • Hi-Fun Bluetooth gloves (talk on the phone via a concealed speaker in the thumb and a microphone in the pinkie), $80, at

  • Universal gadget-charging wristband, $30, at

  • Quirky Nimbus personal-dashboard four-dial clock (connect through a smartphone to track time, traffic, weather, e-mail, calendar or social-media networks), $130, at Best Buy, locations throughout the city; visit

  • Photograph: Alvina Lai

    Poler dual-purpose camera or cooler bag with pocket for iPad, $65, at

  • Photojojo iPhone wrist strap, $35, at

  • Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell wireless, waterproof hi-fi boom box, $130 each, at

  • Photograph: Jenny Evans

    Berlin Boombox portable speaker with built-in stereo amplifier, $80, at

  • Samsung NX300 20.3-megapixel Smart digital camera with 20–50mm lens and built-in Wi-Fi, $700, at Best Buy, locations throughout the city; visit

  • Smoko Toaster four-port USB hub and SD card reader, $28, at

  • Eclipse Solar Gear Fusion canvas solar-charging messenger bag, $100, at

  • ShaveTech portable electric razor, $30, at

  • Photograph: Lauren Spinelli

    Genius Ring Mouse with laser pointer, $70, at

  • Hammacher Schlemmer Finger Swipe wireless Bluetooth headphones, $150, at

  • Divoom Bluetune-Bean rechargeable Bluetooth speakers with carabiner clip, $30 each, at

  • G-Shock Bluetooth watch (pair with smartphone for a display notification when there’s an incoming call or e-mail), $200, at

  • Vupoint Magic Wand 4 photo and document scanner with 1.5” color LCD screen, $130, at

  • Eastern Collective braided fabric smartphone cables, $14–$24, at

  • SFK + Cheek-ie Jakarta Nights Deluxe camera strap, $100; and SFK iPhone 4/5 case with strap, $60; both at

  • GlobaTrac Trakdot luggage tracker, $50, at

  • Hammacher Schlemmer iPhone slot machine and charger, $40, at

  • Urbanears Re:Plattan headphones (made of scrap parts from previous Urbanears collections; comes with the GPS coordinates of five square meters of Costa Rican rainforest protected with purchase), $80, at

  • Apple iPhone 5s, $199–$849, at Apple Store, locations throughout the city; visit

  • Henri Bendel Ready to Roll mobile keyboard, $58, at

  • Polaroid Pocket rechargeable ten-megapixel digital camera and instant printer, $250, at

  • Jonathan Adler Dunbar Road on-the-go phone charger, $38, at Jonathan Adler, 8125 Melrose Avenue (323-658-8390,

  • Abyss LED touch-screen watch, $50, at

  • Photograph: Alvina Lai

    Poler Excursion tech pack, $140, at

  • Lyrix PowerBall Bluetooth speakers (allows for 12 hours of continuous play), $60 each, at

  • Samsung WB2100s 16.3-megapixel digital camera with 35x telephoto zoom, full HD recording with zoom, and 3” tiltable LCD screen, $310, at

  • Photograph: Lauren Spinelli

    On model: 7 for all Mankind wax-coated field jacket, $498; Modern Oxford shirt, $148; Luxe Performance Paxtyn jeans, $198; all at 7 for all Mankind; visit

Elecom Japan Orime wireless laser mouse by Nendo, $80, at

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