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Chocolatería San Ginés

Restaurants & cafés

Serving chocolate and churros (deep-fried batter sticks) to the city night and day since 1894, this veritable institution has had to introduce a ticketing...

Pasadizo de San Ginés 5

El Bandido Doblemente Armado

Restaurants & cafés, Shops

An assured and attractively designed café-bookshop, equally at ease providing afternoon sandwiches, evening poetry readings or late-night cocktails. It's...

C/Apodaca 3

Gula Gula

Restaurants & cafés

Prepare yourself for muscled waiters in scant clothing, singing drag queens and bawdy humour - this is Gula Gula (Greedy Greedy). It's all about the show,...

Gran Vía 1

La Bardemcilla

Restaurants & cafés

A fun, mellow place, owned by the royal family of Spanish cinema, the Bardems. There are filmic references everywhere, from the doll's house set from Before...

C/Augusto Figueroa 47

La Favorita

Restaurants & cafés

Opera fanatic Javier Otero converted this charming 1920s mansion into a restaurant and filled it with singing waiters - conservatoire students or artists...

C/Covarrubias 25


Bars & pubs, Clubs, Restaurants & cafés

The clue is in the name: at Laydown the table and the tablecloth have been eschewed in favour of pristine white sheets atop long rows of comfy mattresses....

Plaza Mostenses 9