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Restaurants & cafés, Shops

There are books and videos in English here, and members of staff are friendly and helpful. Browsing is encouraged and you can linger over some of the...

C/Hortaleza 64

El Bandido Doblemente Armado

Restaurants & cafés, Shops

An assured and attractively designed café-bookshop, equally at ease providing afternoon sandwiches, evening poetry readings or late-night cocktails. It's...

C/Apodaca 3

El Jardín de Serrano

Restaurants & cafés, Shops

This mall may be small but it's a gem, with designer boutiques, expensive shoe shops and a classy café.

C/Goya 6-8


Restaurants & cafés, Shops

The tendrils of cool emanating from Chueca are creeping ever further, as evinced by Isolée, a multi-faceted café, CD, clothes and kitchenware shop. The café...


J&J Books & Coffee

Critics' choice
Restaurants & cafés, Shops

J&J is at once a relaxing little café (at ground-floor level) and a well-stocked second-hand bookshop (in the basement). Activities held here include...

C/Espíritu Santo 47

La Mallorquina

Restaurants & cafés, Shops

Always bustling with people, La Mallorquina occupies a prime location right on the Puerta del Sol. Downstairs, the pastry shop sells great cakes and...

Puerta del Sol 8