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Almirante 23


This curiosity shop is packed full with all manner of old stuff, including toys, tacky postcards, prints, cameras, watches, bull-fighting programmes and...

C/Almirante 23

Antigua Casa Talavera


This long-standing family business specialises in traditional blue and white Spanish ceramics. Every available space is crammed with hand-painted designs...

C/Isabel la Católica 2

Objetos de Arte Toledano


Located across from the Prado, this souvenir shop par excellence sells traditional españoladas such as fans, flamenco and bullfighting dolls. A great place...

Paseo del Prado 10

Piedra de Luna


A treasure trove of good-quality craftwork from around the world. Tuareg kilims, Moroccan ceramics and Indian silver jewellery and painted wooden furniture...

C/Principe 14



For times when only a Jesus action figure will do, Popland saves the day. The shop is packed with all things pop-culture and plastic, but also film posters,...

C/Manuela Malasaña 24