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BD Madrid


BD carries a stunning selection of contemporary furniture designs from Spanish and international names, many with a retro feel. The company is now producing...

C/Villanueva 5

El Apartamento


Named after the Billy Wilder movie, this shop specialises in furniture and household items from the '50s, '60s and '70s. Expect lovely tumblers, Formica...

C/Ruiz 11

El Corte Inglés


Spain's biggest retail concern has blown all the rest of the competition out of the water. El Corte Inglés is the solution when all else fails for some, but...

C/Preciados 1-4

El Transformista


Original '50s and '60s furniture and collectibles are up for grabs at this shop. Almodóvar is rumoured to source items for his movies here.

C/Mirá el Río Baja 18

Expresión Negra


Expresión Negra is a great place to indulge in a spot of retail therapy and help the environment at the same time. As well as breathing new life into...

C/Piamonte 15

Fábrica de Trallas


Old radios, gramophones and phones, many in Bakelite, are sold at this shop, where serious collectors may find that long sought-after piece.

C/Carnero 21

Galerías Piquer


The antique shops in this Rastro arcade stock pieces for punters who don't want to have to brush the dust off their purchases. Opening times may vary.

C/Ribera de Curtidores 29


Restaurants & cafés, Shops

The tendrils of cool emanating from Chueca are creeping ever further, as evinced by Isolée, a multi-faceted café, CD, clothes and kitchenware shop. The café...




A charming shop that carries a range of mostly handmade textiles - cushions, homeware and fashion accessories. Products are sourced from India, the UK and...

C/Regueros 2

Piedra de Luna


A treasure trove of good-quality craftwork from around the world. Tuareg kilims, Moroccan ceramics and Indian silver jewellery and painted wooden furniture...

C/Principe 14



This is a trendy, Swedish-owned shop/gallery that specialises in contemporary items for the home by up-and-coming national and international designers.

Costanilla de los Capuchinos 5

Tiempos Modernos


Tiempos Modernos deals in modern Spanish painting and hosts temporary shows and exhibitions of photography and artwork. The main line of business, though,...

C/Arrieta 17
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