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AMA Records


Super-friendly staff and a fantastic selection of hip hop, house, nu jazz, reggae, lounge and breakbeat make Ama Records a hub for the city's musical...

Mercado Fuencarral

El Corte Inglés


Spain's biggest retail concern has blown all the rest of the competition out of the water. El Corte Inglés is the solution when all else fails for some, but...

C/Preciados 1-4

El Flamenco Vive


Even if you harbour only a passing interest in flamenco, the brilliant range of CDs, guitars, books and other paraphernalia at this shop will lure you in.

C/Conde de Lemos 7



The French giant offers a huge range of CDs, DVDs, videos and books plus computer hardware and software, all at competitive prices and under one roof. Among...

C/Preciados 28


Restaurants & cafés, Shops

The tendrils of cool emanating from Chueca are creeping ever further, as evinced by Isolée, a multi-faceted café, CD, clothes and kitchenware shop. The café...


Up Beat Discos


Soul, jazz and reggae dominate the shelves here, with a hand-picked collection of CDs and vinyl, along with a sideline in donkey jackets, Parkas, Dr...

C/Espíritu Santo 6