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The clue is in the name: at Laydown the table and the tablecloth have been eschewed in favour of pristine white sheets atop long rows of comfy mattresses....

Plaza Mostenses 9

Le Garage

Bars & pubs, Clubs

Madrid has a long tradition of putting great clubs in very odd places - disused gyms, train stations, sex shops - but the promoters of Le Garage have...

Parking Plaza de los Mostenses


Bars & pubs, Clubs

A cool, happening place in which to see and be seen, with a contemporary, minimalist interior, lit up with megascreens showing the latest dance music...

C/Barquillo 8


Bars & pubs, Clubs

A nice and grimy basement club, of which the main room is Low - capitalising on the recent mainstream interest in the experimental side of electronica. The...

Sala de Nombre Público


Bars & pubs, Clubs

Friday night is Danzoo; Saturdays see Sunflowers for an Ibizan vibe and lots of go-go dancers; but the really crowd-puller is Space of Sound on Sundays....

Estación de Chamartín
Major venue


Bars & pubs, Clubs

This small venue serves as bar, club and live music venue. Tuesday nights are concert nights, and there are late-night jams midweek, but the place really...

C/Caños Viejos 3



Recently given a facelift and redecorated in muted rainbow colours, this welcoming women's disco is one of the clear favourites on the lesbian scene. Men...

C/Cabeza 33



One of the few clubs in Madrid that is open every night of the week, this is one to avoid at the weekend. Instead, take advantage of Mito midweek if you...

C/Augusto Figueroa 3
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Moma 56


If it's a bit of glamour you're looking for and you actually feel up to the challenge of getting through the door, then you should probably check out Moma...

C/José Abascal 56



Once owned by Movida legend Alaska, Morocco has two feet firmly planted in the past. From its '80s decor and crowd, everything here smacks of days gone by....

C/Marqués de Leganés 7



Britney and Madonna engaging in that famous kiss take pride of place on the wall at Musa, which is a mostly lesbian disco-bar on bustling C/Pelayo. The...

C/Pelayo 31



The remit here is simple - pack out a small and smoky sala with a fiercely loyal crowd, and play anything from the Sex Pistols to Joy Division to make them...

C/San Vicente Ferrer 33


Bars & pubs, Clubs

The programme at Oba-Oba is well established. The forecast is always for live music early on, giving way later to steady outbreaks of Brazilian beats. The...

C/Jacometrezo 4

Ocho y Medio

Bars & pubs, Clubs

Although somewhat anachronistic, Ocho y Medio is the perfect stop on your hedonistic tour of the town if you're looking for an alcohol-fuelled mass of party...

C/Mesonero Romanos 13



The seedy backstreets off Gran Vía make the perfect approach to this lively sex club, where chains chink, bars rattle and boots scuff the soiled floor....

C/Loreto Chicote 7