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Bars & pubs

A very surreal place, probably unique in Spain as drinking experiences go. If Balmoral Castle had a cocktail bar, it would look something like this, with...

C/Hermosilla 10


Cabaret & circus

Camper than the Christmas lights with which it's decorated, this cabaret club is quite something. It's also something quite unusual. Drag queens, magicians,...

C/Corredera Baja de San Pablo 26

Chocolatería San Ginés

Restaurants & cafés

Serving chocolate and churros (deep-fried batter sticks) to the city night and day since 1894, this veritable institution has had to introduce a ticketing...

Pasadizo de San Ginés 5

El Bandido Doblemente Armado

Restaurants & cafés, Shops

An assured and attractively designed café-bookshop, equally at ease providing afternoon sandwiches, evening poetry readings or late-night cocktails. It's...

C/Apodaca 3

Gula Gula

Restaurants & cafés

Prepare yourself for muscled waiters in scant clothing, singing drag queens and bawdy humour - this is Gula Gula (Greedy Greedy). It's all about the show,...

Gran Vía 1

La Bardemcilla

Restaurants & cafés

A fun, mellow place, owned by the royal family of Spanish cinema, the Bardems. There are filmic references everywhere, from the doll's house set from Before...

C/Augusto Figueroa 47

La Favorita

Restaurants & cafés

Opera fanatic Javier Otero converted this charming 1920s mansion into a restaurant and filled it with singing waiters - conservatoire students or artists...

C/Covarrubias 25


Bars & pubs, Clubs, Restaurants & cafés

The clue is in the name: at Laydown the table and the tablecloth have been eschewed in favour of pristine white sheets atop long rows of comfy mattresses....

Plaza Mostenses 9

Le Garage

Bars & pubs, Clubs

Madrid has a long tradition of putting great clubs in very odd places - disused gyms, train stations, sex shops - but the promoters of Le Garage have...

Parking Plaza de los Mostenses

Museo Tiflológico

Art, Museums

Owned and run by ONCE, the organisation for blind and partially sighted people, this special museum presents exhibitions of work by visually-impaired...

C/La Coruña 18

Templo de Debod


This Egyptian structure, which sits on the outskirts of the Parque del Oeste, dates back 2,200 years and is dedicated to the gods Amun and Isis. It was...

Montaña del Príncipe Pío