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The looks of the place may be a tad dreary, but you'll forget all about the mauve tablecloths once you taste the tandoori chicken with almonds (aka chicken...

C/San Bernardino 1


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For good-value Indian food, Baisakhi is probably the best bet along what has become Madrid's answer to Brick Lane. The waiters all speak English, and the...

C/Lavapiés 42

Dosa Grill

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An airy little café to grab a quick and delicious dosa, currently getting rave reviews.

C/Libertad 17


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Yet another of the pan-Asian restaurants to hit Madrid. Yes, it's Asian fusion with modern design, but Indochine is more relaxed and less style-conscious...

C/Barquillo 10


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If you prefer your Japanese food without the monochrome designer minimalist look that usually accompanies it, then this is your place. Hidden on a...

C/Aduana 23


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With minimalist decor and food to match, Nodo keeps the famous and the fashionable coming back for more. Style aside, some say it's the best sushi in town....

C/Velázquez 150


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The restaurant formerly known as Casa Juanito decided to change its name. Pity - the contrast of bog-standard Spanish caff on the outside and the almost...

C/Lavapiés 42


Critics' choice
Restaurants & cafés

Run by young Argentines with a passion for Asian food, Sudestada is the new Madrid branch of a Buenos Aires favourite. In its short life it has already...

C/Modesto Lafuente 64


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Giant photos of a birch forest cover the windows and one wall, and in the middle is a traditional sushi bar with little boats floating round a stream from...

C/Profesor Waksman 5


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Everything about Taj promises serious curry - from the jingly-jangly muzak to the fanned linen napkins and plastic flowers. The menu includes all the...

C/Marqués de Cubas 6

The Wok

Restaurants & cafés

One of a new wave of eateries stepping out from the norm and placing the emphasis on speedy service. Madrileños in need of a quick plate of noodles can be...

C/San Marcos 31-33
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