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A Casiña

Restaurants & cafés

A Casiña is one of several restaurants specialising in regional cuisine - in this case Galician - in the Casa de Campo. The restaurant is a reconstruction...

Avda del Ángel


Restaurants & cafés

With the nondescript decor so typical of Madrid's vegetarian restaurants, Artemisa might seem no different from the rest. But the salads are bigger and more...

C/Ventura de la Vega 4

Café Oliver

Restaurants & cafés

Still an in spot for the international crowd, Café Oliver runs the gamut of French, Spanish, Italian and Moroccan without falling into the dreaded...

C/Almirante 12

Casa Ciriaco

Restaurants & cafés

Pick your way down the side of the open kitchen to a deep dining room hung with pictures of visiting royals and grateful celebrities, along with rather...

C/Mayor 84

Casa Lastra Sidrería

Restaurants & cafés

Asturian food is now gaining international acclaim, but the regulars at Casa Lastra have known how good it is for a long time. Always packed with happy...

C/Olivar 3

Casa Lucio

Critics' choice
Restaurants & cafés

A restaurant unsurpassed by any other in Madrid for its famous patrons: King Juan Carlos, Bill Clinton and Penélope Cruz among them. This is the place of...

C/Cava Baja 35

Casa Manolo

Restaurants & cafés

One of the best sources of cocina casera, or home cooking, in Madrid, Casa Manolo has an endearing, homely atmosphere, enhanced by the black-and-white photo...

C/Orellana 17

Casa Marta

Restaurants & cafés

Every Saturday, according to the novel, Don Quixote ate duelos y quebrantes (scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, chorizo and brains) and you can still try them at...

C/Santa Clara 10

Casa Mingo

Restaurants & cafés

A vast and noisy Asturian cider house, open since 1888. This is a great opportunity to rub elbows with madrileños really enjoying themselves at one of the...

Paseo de la Florida 34

Casa Portal

Restaurants & cafés

Casa Portal specialises in all things traditional from Asturias, hence the mountain of cheeses in the window and the cider being poured from a great height....

C/Doctor Castelo 26

Champagneria Gala

Restaurants & cafés

This garden atrium, dripping in ivy and gaudy chandeliers, is a festive place to stick your fork in one of 28 varieties of paella. But it's the porrón - a...

C/Moratín 22

Don Paco

Restaurants & cafés

Don Paco, now in his 80s, is a former bullfighter from Jérez, and the Andalucian matador in him is charmingly apparent in his 45-year-old restaurant. With...

C/Caballero de Gracia 36

El 26 de Libertad

Restaurants & cafés

With its deep colours and lavishly set tables, El 26 de Libertad is over-the-top elegance bordering on the camp. But not too fine to be fun, and a favourite...

C/Libertad 26

El Bierzo

Restaurants & cafés

El Bierzo is one of the best of Madrid's long-established casas de comida - honest, dependable neighbourhood joints where you can get a good menú del día at...

C/Barbieri 16

El Cenador del Prado

Restaurants & cafés

Don't let the design extravagance - fuschia walls, explosive murals of fruit and gilt mirrors - distract you from the Herranz brothers' culinary talents:...

C/Prado 4
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