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Alhambra/El Buscón

Bars & pubs, Clubs

Typically Spanish tapas bars by day, these two adjacent eateries assume a whole new identity come the weekend as DJs play a mix of everything from new...

C/Victoria 5 & 9


Bars & pubs, Clubs

A super-cool terraza set in its own small park. The plentiful tables in the front bar are filled by midnight and the overflow swells on to the surrounding...

C/Segovia & C/Cuesta de la Vega


Bars & pubs, Clubs

Wednesday is firmly established as hip hop night in Madrid, and judging by the turnout these clubs get, Thursdays must see a massive drop in Madrid's...

Plaza Callao 4

Café Rock Corto Maltés

Bars & pubs, Clubs

As well as a sizeable summertime terrace outside, Corto has a great vibe inside, with a troupe of guest DJs spinning a varied selection of deep house,...

Plaza Dos de Mayo 9


Bars & pubs, Clubs, Restaurants & cafés

By day dogs chase kids through table legs while their parents chat over mugs of herbal tea. By night the hip hop and jazz DJs attract a different crowd,...

C/Pez 18


Bars & pubs, Clubs

One of Madrid's clubs converted from old theatres, Changó plays host to two top nights. First up is Nature, a long-running Thursday night dedicated to...

C/Covarrubias 42


Bars & pubs, Clubs

Known as a hang-out for artists, musicians and the in-crowd. Quieter midweek when the sounds are rock 'n' roll and blues, the weekends see the English...

C/Don Pedro 6


Bars & pubs, Clubs

The flyers let you know what you're in for - an elegant figure reclines against a backdrop of flock wallpaper in a juxtaposition of the übertrendy and the...

C/Ballesta 7

El Juglar

Bars & pubs, Clubs

Epitomising Lavapiés - a bohemian, cool and laidback hangout for those who like the tempo of their evening to be energetic but not too frenetic. The bare...

C/Lavapiés 37

El Junco

Bars & pubs, Clubs, Music

This is the late-night jazz spot in the city, boasting jam sessions on Sundays and Tuesdays, and gigs on most other weeknights. When there are not live...

Plaza Santa Bárbara 10

El No.1

Bars & pubs, Clubs, Restaurants & cafés

Spacious, friendly and soothingly decorated, this is an oasis of calm in the desert storm of Madrid's nightlife. With a café-style air, the easygoing crowd...

C/Minas 1

El Nuevo Barbú

Bars & pubs, Clubs

A sumptuous red velvet curtain separates the chilled front bar from two spacious candlelit chambers at the back where a swirling wash of intensely coloured...

C/Santiago 3

El Sol

Bars & pubs, Clubs

To call this music joint and club 'no-frills' is an understatement - as its faded yellow walls and middle-aged bar staff attest. However, as anyone knows,...

C/Jardines 3


Bars & pubs, Clubs

One for rugby fans, Finnegan's has its own team, the Madrid Lions, and a talent for sniffing out every conceivable match to show on its large screens. In...

Plaza de las Salesas 9


Bars & pubs, Clubs

Where the pretty people go to dance. It was promoted by Spanish actress Paz Vega and, as you would expect from a film star, the emphasis in her club is on...

C/Ventura Rodríguez 7
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