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Adult Entertainment

It's sleek. It's black. It's red. Bangalá is the latest addition to the Lavapiés scene and promises to outdo its rivals with fetisho-licious nights such as...

C/Escuadra 1


Adult Entertainment

The friendly guys at this sloppy and sweaty club got tired of trying to enforce the dress code so now it's a self-styled 'nudist bar', except on Saturdays...

C/San Vicente Ferrer 34



A fun, sleazy cruising club that puts the 'laid' into 'laid-back'. Upstairs there's a quieter pub-like area, and a diminutive porn cinema; downstairs...

C/Pérez Galdós 5



This is the nerve centre of the fetish scene in Madrid. For a visit to the Eagle, boots, leather chaps and handcuffs are all that the well-dressed devotee...

C/Pelayo 30


Adult Entertainment, Clubs

A tiny and rough fetish club whose denizens get down to some hard cruising. Tuesday nights are nude, while Saturdays are given over to kinky underwear...

C/Buenavista 14



Hot, hairy, homo heaven at this fun bear den for hirsute late thirty- and fortysomethings. Things get even hotter downstairs in the darkroom. Two drinks for...

C/Infantas 9

Leather Bar

Adult Entertainment

The name of this big, two-floor hangout is a bit misleading as little leather is in evidence, but the crowd is raunchy, and can be found in the large...

C/Pelayo 42


Adult Entertainment

A small, dowdy sauna with a perplexing door policy (though cute young guys are usually safe). Located right at the heart of the gay scene, Men is always...

C/Pelayo 25



The seedy backstreets off Gran Vía make the perfect approach to this lively sex club, where chains chink, bars rattle and boots scuff the soiled floor....

C/Loreto Chicote 7

Paraíso Sauna

Adult Entertainment

Located in what used to be a popular flamenco club, this extensive, spotlessly clean sauna has maintained its original evocative mosaics. The young, hunky...

C/Norte 15

Sauna Príncipe


This sauna is better equipped than its rivals and caters for a varied crowd, though it's particularly popular with bears, not to mention tourists.

Travesia Beatas 3



No female hangers-on here - this is a strictly all-male affair. Sala Wind is the perfect home for this popular gay night, as it's in a basement, is very...

Sala Wind

Strong Center


The dancefloor at the Strong Center is a forlorn, empty place. Don't dismay, however, as no one comes here for the music, and you're just about to discover...

C/Trujillos 7

The Paw

Adult Entertainment, Clubs

Formerly known as Into The Tank, this louche little joint is off the beaten track but well worth the effort for dress code and fetish fans. If you forgot to...

C/Calatrava 29