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A Casiña

Restaurants & cafés

A Casiña is one of several restaurants specialising in regional cuisine - in this case Galician - in the Casa de Campo. The restaurant is a reconstruction...

Avda del Ángel

Aparto-hotel Rosales


Halfway between a conventional hotel and apart-hotel, the Rosales provides accommodation ranging from spacious and comfortably furnished bedsitters to...

C/Marqués de Urquijo 23


Restaurants & cafés

At first glance, this French bistro seems a wee bit run down, but nonetheless it's all class - in a campy, Broadway kind of way. Behind the dangling blue...

Plaza de la Marina Española 4

Casa Ciriaco

Restaurants & cafés

Pick your way down the side of the open kitchen to a deep dining room hung with pictures of visiting royals and grateful celebrities, along with rather...

C/Mayor 84

Casa Lastra Sidrería

Restaurants & cafés

Asturian food is now gaining international acclaim, but the regulars at Casa Lastra have known how good it is for a long time. Always packed with happy...

C/Olivar 3

Casa Lucio

Critics' choice
Restaurants & cafés

A restaurant unsurpassed by any other in Madrid for its famous patrons: King Juan Carlos, Bill Clinton and Penélope Cruz among them. This is the place of...

C/Cava Baja 35

Casa Portal

Restaurants & cafés

Casa Portal specialises in all things traditional from Asturias, hence the mountain of cheeses in the window and the cider being poured from a great height....

C/Doctor Castelo 26

Come Prima

Restaurants & cafés

The toothsome risottos and own-made pastas here are a godsend for Italian gastronomes. Don't miss the risotto with mushrooms, parmesan and white-truffle...

C/Echegaray 27

El Bogavante del Almirante

Restaurants & cafés

Almirante wins the award for most fanciful set design. Nestled in a cave-like basement, a ponderous lobster claw hangs from the ceiling, while black...

C/Almirante 11

El Cenador del Prado

Restaurants & cafés

Don't let the design extravagance - fuschia walls, explosive murals of fruit and gilt mirrors - distract you from the Herranz brothers' culinary talents:...

C/Prado 4

El Comité

Restaurants & cafés

Yes, it's out of the way and has the feel of an elite club, but this somehow enhances the appeal. A French restaurant offering exceptionally good food at a...

Plaza de San Amaro 8

El Puchero

Restaurants & cafés

Excitingly for El Puchero, red gingham is making a comeback after 30 years in the cold. Here it had never gone away - in tablecloths, cushions, lampshades...

C/Larra 13

Gran Hotel Conde Duque


A quiet, out-of-the-way hotel with front rooms facing a leafy pretty plaza. Rooms are tastefully kitted out with yellow and green upholstery, while the...

Plaza Conde del Valle Suchil 5

Hotel Alcalá


Even though the chain status of this hotel gives it uniformity and a certain anonymity, the NH Alcalá offers modern accommodation with good facilities and...

C/Alcalá 66

Hotel de las Letras

Critics' choice

The new Hotel de las Letras laughs in the face of the current hotel vogue for teak and slate, and plumps instead for bold paintwork in red, orange and...

Gran Vía 11
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