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Manchester 235

Bars & pubs, Casinos, Music, Restaurants & cafés

Inhabiting a slightly tired-looking leisure development, Manchester 235 is a luxury, Vegas-influenced restaurant/bar/casino/live music complex. It was the...

Great Northern

Night & Day Café

Bars & pubs

Full of character, Night & Day is perfectly situated among Oldham Street's record shops: do some crate-digging, then head over for a relaxed beer and catch...

26 Oldham Street


Bars & pubs

A happy haven of eclectic quirkiness, Odd is the antithesis of corporate high-street drinking dens, and welcomes a mixed crowd. Even better than the DIY...

30-32 Thomas Street

Old Wellington Inn/Sinclair's Oyster Bar

Bars & pubs

It's impossible to separate these two icons of the Mancunian spirit, joined as they are at the hip. Having survived all that was thrown at them by the...

4/2 Cathedral Gates

Pure Space

Bars & pubs

With a roof terrace that offers punters protection from the elements during Manchester's rainy season - so, essentially, all year round, apart from a week...

11 New Wakefield Street


Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

Revolution's exposed brick walls and leather seating draw a young urbane crowd for after-work drinks and (in the basement club) late-night dancing. It's...

Arch 7


Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

Established for almost a decade, Simple has the perfect combination of laid-back atmosphere and attentive staff. The cocktails are impressive but it's the...

44 Tib Street

Solomon Grundy

Bars & pubs

With a friendly atmosphere that belies its hipster aesthetic, it's almost as if this place knows it's not as cool as it pretends to be - even the menu,...

449 Wilmslow Road

Taps Bar

Bars & pubs

The selling point here is that you can pour your own draught beer, from standard lagers to fruit brews such as Leifman's, from taps fitted to your table. Is...

Great Northern Tower


Bars & pubs

Owned and run by Canal Street stalwarts Mike 'Polly' Pollard and Iain Scott, Taurus owes its success to the twin tenets of excellent service and a sense of...

1 Canal Street


Bars & pubs

This place spent a former incarnation as a public lavatory and is now one of Manchester's trendier, albeit more cramped, boozers. Home to one of the finest...

100 Great Bridgewater Street