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Covent Garden florist meets modern Italian cuisine. Each dish is lovingly conceived, although you pay handsomely for that love. But with a typical meal of buckwheat penne with 'pixel' chopped tomatoes for starter, rolled seabass with gateau di verdura (vegetable gateau) for main, and tepid chocolate tart with red pear sorbet for pudding, who's counting? The €8 happy hour (6-8pm) can give you an inkling of the previous night's menu.

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Fioraio Bianchi details

Via Montobello 7

Area Milan

Transport Metro Moscova/bus 43, 61, 94/tram 1, 2, 20 .

Telephone 02 2901 4390

Fioraio Bianchi website

Open Meals served 9am-10pm Mon-Sat. Closed Aug.

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