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Glitter Pagliaccia


The ninth season of Glitter is now at HD until further notice; the club also runs a low-key gay night on Tuesdays. A mixed gay/lesbian/straight/arty crowd...


Join the Gap


Run by CIG (Centro di Iniziativa Gay), this very popular club is a Sunday-night follow-up to Billy, with a similar, slightly younger, crowd. The club offers...

Borgo del Tempo Perso

Kick-off at Black Hole


This disco in an area well served by gay venues hosts a popular lesbian disco on Friday nights. The sleek, modern space has two dancefloors, plus an outdoor...

Via Cena 1

Nuova Idea


This is a piece of gay Milan history: it has been pulling them in for over 30 years. The two dancefloors - one for ballroom dancing with a live orchestra,...

Via de Castillia 30

Pervert Gold


An unmissable party extravaganza. Inspired by opera, theatre and cinema, these events are a hurricane of visual stimulation, feathers, glitter and make-up....

Rolling Stone



This gay-friendly club is the Studio 54 of Milan - a den for supermodels, electro music gurus and an arty-glam crowd for more than 20 years. Sunday night...

Viale Umbria 120



A club night that dreams are made of: strobe lights, beautiful people, bisexuals, transvestites, muscle men and lesbians all getting wild on the dancefloor,...

Gasoline Club



Organised by Pervert, Sodoma is the best night at Hollywood, and the only one where people are not there to see and to be seen. Resident DJs Obi Baby and...


Sottomarino Giallo


This disco used to be a key venue for the lesbian crowd. In the last few years it has become a more generally gay-friendly place, hosting international DJs...

Via Donatello 2

Zip After Hour


It's hard to find somewhere for dancing in Milan after 5am. One of the few options is Zip, a wacky club near Bullona Station. Most of the people here are...

Zip Club