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Bars & pubs, Clubs

This kitsch, baroque disco pub is a major meeting point on via Sammartini. It runs themed evenings for the boys, like striptease contests on Friday nights....

Via Sammartini 25

Atomic Bar

Bars & pubs

Betty Page-style disco decor furnished with 1970s wallpaper and chairs: this three-room bar has lot of authentic charm, and the music is a good mix of...

Via Felice Casati 24


Bars & pubs, Clubs

Frequented by the international crowd with hosts of foreign DJs to boot, Billy hosts wild outdoor summer parties in June near the Idroscalo leisure park.


Cruising Canyon

Adult Entertainment

Cruising at its simplest: this round-the-clock bar has an erotic cinema, labyrinth, dark rooms and cubicles, and a witty mock-up of the 'fossa' cruising...

Via Paisello 4


Adult Entertainment, Bars & pubs

This dark, cosy cruising/fetish bar on three floors is for people looking for hard and raw encounters - from leather to sportswear fetish and naked parties....

Via dei Valtorta 19


Adult Entertainment, Bars & pubs

A two-floor cruising bar in the north-east suburbs, with cubicles, glory holes, a chill-out area and a labyrinth. There's a large bar area in which to meet...

Via Oropa 3

Glitter Pagliaccia


The ninth season of Glitter is now at HD until further notice; the club also runs a low-key gay night on Tuesdays. A mixed gay/lesbian/straight/arty crowd...


Join the Gap


Run by CIG (Centro di Iniziativa Gay), this very popular club is a Sunday-night follow-up to Billy, with a similar, slightly younger, crowd. The club offers...

Borgo del Tempo Perso

Metro Centrale

Sport, health & fitness

Metro Centrale occupies three floors, with jacuzzis, a steam bath, a massage room and a Finnish sauna. For your private viewing pleasure, there are videos...

Via Schiapparelli 1

Nuova Idea


This is a piece of gay Milan history: it has been pulling them in for over 30 years. The two dancefloors - one for ballroom dancing with a live orchestra,...

Via de Castillia 30

Pervert Gold


An unmissable party extravaganza. Inspired by opera, theatre and cinema, these events are a hurricane of visual stimulation, feathers, glitter and make-up....

Rolling Stone



A club night that dreams are made of: strobe lights, beautiful people, bisexuals, transvestites, muscle men and lesbians all getting wild on the dancefloor,...

Gasoline Club



Organised by Pervert, Sodoma is the best night at Hollywood, and the only one where people are not there to see and to be seen. Resident DJs Obi Baby and...


Studio Know How


Billing itself as Italy's only entirely gay shop, Studio Know How has a magnificent choice of videos and DVDs. For those who like things a bit harder,...

Via Antonio da Recanate 7


Sport, health & fitness

Honest and clean, Thermas is a two-floor sauna relatively close to the centre with friendly staff, a bar, steam bath, small weights room, cooling-off area...

Via Bezzecca 9
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