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Take me to my Time Out city

10 awesome bird’s eye view photos of cities around the world

Life getting you down, man? Need to change your perspective? The solution: get high. Instagram account @dailyoverview has brought together an incredible collection of aerial photographs of cities around the world. The snaps, which capture anywhere from Sydney to Istanbul, aim to recreate the ‘overview effect’ – that special feeling of calm that astronauts get when viewing the earth from above. Aahh. Here are our 10 favourite images.

Mexico City, Mexico – or is it a robot bumpipe?


Radiating streets surround the Plaza Del Ejecutivo in the Venustiano Carranza district of Mexico City, Mexico.

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Sydney, Australia – or is it human sheet music?


Washington, DC, USA – or is it Darth Vader’s TIE fighter?


Orlando, Florida – or is it the marvel of mammalian fertilisation taking place before your eyes at the microscopic level?


Bathers at wave pool in Orlando, Florida by @landslides

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Madrid, Spain – or is it the inside of an iPhone?


Montreal, Canada – or is it a national ping-pong bat?


Istanbul, Turkey – or is it one of these?


Goodyear, Arizona – or is it a Paul Klee?


Abu Dhabi, UAE – or is it an evil space crab?


Paris, France – or is it the Union Jack?