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Last-chance exhibitions and shows in NYC for kids

Now that the cold weather is here to stay, take the kids to one of these 18 soon-to-close exhibitions and shows in NYC over winter break and beyond.

When the shortest day is nearly upon us, we know it's time to figure out all the last-chance shows in NYC we need to get to before they're gone for good. Winter break is the ideal time to do some theatergoing and museumhopping, which you'll realize when you find out what's closing on the last weekend of December, including holiday exhibits like the "Grinch's Holiday Workshop" and A Christmas Story, The Musical, and the first weekend of January: "The Art of the Brick," "Frogs, A Chorus of Colors" and a whole lot more. We've rounded up 18 family-friendly last-chance exhibitions and theatrical shows in NYC, all closing by the end of January, that you and the kids shouldn't miss. Click through our slide show below for inspiration. Even if you only get to one or two, we promise: You'll be so glad you did.

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"Whales: Giants of the Deep"; closes January 5

Organized by the national museum of Papua New Guinea, this exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History will let kids learn a lot more than you know about cetaceans.



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