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    Hinge wins April Fool's with this Playdating app

    Wed Apr 1

    Popular dating app Hinge just released a video for a faux "playdating" app, and it's totally amazing…we’re not kidding E-mail subscribers of Hinge—a popular dating app that connects you with potential matches in your extended social circles—got an awesome surprise today when the company sent an announcement for their new venture "Playdating: Hinge for Toddlers." Nope, definitely not a real thing, but we totally wish it was. After all, why shouldn't kids be meeting their potential matches via your smartphone? Kidding...maybe you should just check out the 8 best kids' apps instead. Watch the extremely entertaining fake promo video by Hinge below! You might also like 50 things to do with kids this spring NYC street fairs and festivals for families Free things to do with kids Indoor activities for kids in NYC

    Snag discounted ice cream scoops at Baskin-Robbins today

    Tue Mar 31

    Treat the kids to scoops and sundaes on the cheap today to kick off the ice-cream chain's yearlong 70th anniversary celebration Sweet-tooth kids, rejoice! Families can indulge in discounted scoops of ice cream at any Baskin-Robbins location today to help the shop kick off their "Celebrate 31" festivities. To commemorate 70 years in the business, the nationwide chain is slashing their prices to $1.31 for a single scoop (in a cup or cone) and $3.31 for a classic two-scoop sundae in honor of their famed 31 flavors. Let little ones choose from flavors like Very Berry Strawberry, Rocky Road and Mint Chocolate Chip, or even build their own sundae with two scoops, their choice of caramel, hot fudge or strawberry topping, plus a dollop of whipped cream, nuts and a cherry. Baskin-Robbins will continue to offer sweet treat deals on the 31st of each month through the end of the year, so add regular ice-cream outings to your list of things to do with kids in NYC this spring. This month, families...

    Best kosher family restaurants in New York City

    Tue Mar 31

    Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

    Whether you keep kosher or are entertaining observant Jewish friends, these kosher family restaurants in NYC will please kids and adults alike Finding family restaurants that will satisfy your picky eater is hard enough as it is, but what to do if you have to juggle the restrictions of a kosher diet as well? Luckily, there are plenty of kosher eateries to suit observant Jewish families, while catering to petite palates as well. These kosher family restaurants—including delis, Mediterranean spots and even a French bistro—abide by orthodox Jewish policies and fill hungry bellies without missing a beat. The unique menus might even get your kids to try something other than New York pizza! Did we miss your favorite New York kosher restaurant? Let us know in the comments. Kosher family restaurants in NYC 2nd Ave Deli The kosher oasis, founded in 1954, has left its longtime East Village location and resettled in Murray Hill. Steer kids toward old favorites like noodle pudding,...

    You can play Pac-Man in Google Maps right now

    Tue Mar 31

    Google is pranking us all in the best possible way—Google Maps users can play Pac-Man this very minute…just search for Times Square! You may be used to using Google Maps for searching directions, but today, you can use it to play an arcade favorite. Google's April Fool's prank came a bit early when users found a Pac-Man symbol in the bottom left corner of Maps—try typing in an area like "Times Square" with lots of surrounding streets and play away. Enjoy spending the rest of your workday running from ghosts and chasing dots! You might also like 50 things to do with kids this spring NYC street fairs and festivals for families Free things to do with kids Indoor activities for kids in NYC
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