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    Comedian Louis C.K. puts Common Core up for debate

    Fri May 2

    Louis C.K.

    Louis C.K.

    The New York City public school parent (and uber-famous comedian) Louis C.K. took to Twitter, then Letterman, to express his frustration with the Common Core. Whatever your opinion on standardized testing, Louis C.K. has made sure that people are talking about it. Case in point: Earlier this week, the comedian and parent of two girls enrolled in New York City public schools took to Twitter (and his 3.64 million followers) to express his frustrations with the Common Core, starting with the following Tweet: — Louis C.K. (@louisck) April 28, 2014 Nearly 8,000 retweets later, the comment evolved into an entire stream of Tweets that railed against the tests, including photo evidence of nonsensical questions meant for third graders: — Louis C.K. (@louisck) April 28, 2014 After a caveat about how most public school teachers are "great," C.K. issued this warning: — Louis C.K. (@louisck) April 28, 2014 And in what was perhaps the most relatable argument of his tirade, C.K. expressed his...

    Scoop the best kids books for your young readers

    Thu May 1

    The Best New Kids Books for Young Readers

    The Best New Kids Books for Young Readers Illustration: Alexis Dormal

    Here at Time Out New York Kids, we’re lucky enough to see some of the best children’s books pass through our doors. Check out these fun upcoming releases! Edda: A Little Valkyrie’s First Day of SchoolBy Adam Auerbach (Release Date: June 24th, 2014)Edda is the littlest Norse goddess in Asgard, but there’s one thing she’s missing from her exciting life with family and magical creatures. Edda wants to find a friend her own age! With the help of her father, Edda travels far away to Earth to visit a place called “school.” Will she like what she sees?Extraordinary Warren Saves the DayBy Sarah Dillard (Release Date: October 14th, 2014)A little chick named Warren is destined for more than just life at the farm. Warren and his partner in crime, Egg, want to fly around the world more than anything, but when Egg disappears, Warren will get the adventure of a lifetime just trying to find him.Sleep Tight, Anna Banana!By Dominique Roques (Release Date: June 17th, 2014)Anna Banana is a little...

    Frozen merchandise drought is making parents do bizarre things

    Wed Apr 30

    Photograph: Walmart

    We bet your daughter can’t live without that Anna doll or Elsa outfit. Unfortunately, neither can anyone else’s kid under the age of ten, and you’re going to do anything to snag one We’re all in the same boat. No one can get “Let it Go” out of their heads due to a chorus of chipper children found all around NYC (and the world, for that matter). Whether it’s a Frozen birthday party or movie-themed sleepover, the charming Disney film has invaded your hearts and homes, for better or worse. So, what happens when the merch dries up? Disney is finding out as we speak, with the company’s stock flying from the shelves and Disney Store staff trying to calm frazzled moms, dads and crying children here in the city.We’ve seen parents frantically reaching out to friends and family on Facebook to see if movie-themed toys, clothes and other products are available in other states, mothers paying as much as $1,200 for an Elsa dress on eBay, verbal brawls in-store and Frozen merch trading groups...

    Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s cherry blossom festival (slide show)

    Mon Apr 28

    Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Sakura Matsuri Festival, 2014

    Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Sakura Matsuri Festival, 2014 Photograph: Laura Gallant

    The BBG’s Sakura Matsuri returned for its 33rd year on April 26 and 27 with exhibits, demonstrations and performances NYC’s largest event in a U.S. public garden, Sakura Matsuri, celebrated the coming of the cherry blossoms this weekend at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The event offered over 60 presentations, demos and displays to educate and entertain guests big and small, and it also celebrated Japanese culture with fashion runways, a nonagenarian tea ceremony by master Soumi Shimizu, a taiko drum ensemble, ikebana flower arranging, samurai sword demonstrations and more! RECOMMENDED: 50 family-friendly spring happenings For the kiddos, manga-inspired photo-op boards, origami tutorials, manga drawing and a children’s recital were the talk of the town. Click through the slide show above to see photos from the event (and to see what you missed)!  You might also like Summer activities for kids in New York City The 50 best sights and attractions in NYC Outdoor activities for kids ...

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