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    Explore the Great New York State Fair with the kids

    Thu Aug 14

    Photograph: John Haeger

    Families can enjoy carnival rides, regional eats, exhibits, live entertainment and more at the 168th New York State Fair in Syracuse You'd be hard-pressed to find a kid who doesn't love carnival rides, cotton candy and all the other fun that comes along with a fair–but the Great New York State Fair goes far beyond typical local festivals. The annual 12-day showcase, which first took place in 1841, provides the classic roller coasters and Ferris wheels, plus a wide array of family-friendly activities to keep everyone entertained, no matter their age. Head upstate August 21 through September 1 for a full day of wandering around the Fairgrounds. Snap a photo with the new mascots, Pop and Candy (a friendly ear of corn and a sweet candy apple), learn about New York agriculture, catch a "summer send-off" fireworks show (9/1) and make sure to hit up our picks for the best activities for families this year.  1. Sample some upstate New York delicacies A few hours of carnival games and...

    Tommy Bahama will give out free ice cream on National Relaxation Day

    Thu Aug 14

    Photograph: Christopher Sadowski

    Ready your spoons! If you love Pina Colada flavors, you're in luck. On National Relaxation Day this summer, Tommy Bahama will dole out free ice cream to New Yorkers. August 15 is National Relaxation Day, and Tommy Bahama is giving New Yorkers a tasty way to chill out. Swing by one of these bright orange trucks stationed around the city for Pina Colada-flavored free ice cream. The midtown Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Marlin Bar at 45th Street and 5th Avenue will also serve free soft serve to all customers on Friday. Ice Cream Truck Schedule: 12:00 pm Truck One - Bryant Park Area (on W. 40th St, between 5th & 6th Aves.) Truck Two - Wall Street Area (on Wall St. between Broadway & Broad St.)   2:00 pm Truck One - Rockefeller Center Area (on W. 50th St. between 5th & 6th Aves.) Truck Two - Flat Iron District Area (on E.  21st between 5th Ave. & Broad St.)    4:00 pm Truck One - Tommy Bahama Store, Rest & Bar on 45th & 5th Ave. Truck Two - Herald Square Area (on 6th Ave. between 33rd &...

    Robin Williams' 9 best movies for kids

    Thu Aug 14



    Robin Williams is best known for his iconic feature films. In loving memory, here are his greatest movies for kids He's played a genie, a professor, a penguin and a nanny just to name a few, and he'll forever bring laughter and joy into our homes. In celebration of the life of the comedy giant, here are nine must-watch Robin Williams movies for kids that wouldn't have been the same without him.  You might also like Films for families: The top 50 movies to watch as a family Free outdoor movies for New York City families in summer 2014 The best new movies on Netflix for families in August Best kid movies adapted from children's books From a brainy kid who spies on her neighbors to a little boy who dreams about being a king, we name the 20 best kid movies adapted from children’s books. You might also like The 50 best books for kids 50 great movies for families Best children's theater shows to see this winter 20 must-see Christmas movies

    31 things you’ll never hear a NY parent say

    Tue Aug 12

    Photograph: OscarUrdaneta

    New York parents say a lot of funny things, but we can bet you’ll never hear them say any of these phrases. 1. "Let's go for a family swim in the Hudson!" 2. "It's not really necessary to register for kindergarten ahead of time...I'm sure there will be plenty of spots." 3. "This pregnancy is making me crave Chicago deep dish pizza." 4. "I really hope nobody offers to help me carry my stroller up these subway steps. I look forward to the extra biceps workout every day." 5. "Don't forget to put your mouth all over the poles on the train, honey. It will really kick your immune system into shape."  6. "Nope. That's definitely not poop." 7. "I love all the mothers in my moms' group. I feel absolutely no competition with them and their kids' progress." 8. "You know what would be awesome? If while my screaming toddler wails in my face, the smug table to my right could just roll their eyes at me. I love that." 9. "Family bathrooms and changing tables are so accessible here!" 10. "You...

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