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    Google continues to pay tribute to Sesame Street

    Thu Nov 5

    The execs over at Google must be pretty big fans of the Street , because they're honoring the show's 40th anniversary again today . This time, the logo incorporates Cookie Monster noshing on one of his favorite treats, with his big Google-y eyes serving as Os. Who do you think will appear tomorrow? Our money's on Elmo!

    Kids Night on Broadway tickets go on sale Monday!

    Wed Nov 4

    Although you can find discounts to Broadway shows every day , none of the usual deals compare to the bargain that is Kids Night on Broadway . On Tuesday, February 2, Wednesday, February 3 and Sunday, February 7, children ages 6 to 18 can catch a slew of Broadway shows for free — provided you buy an accompanying full-priced adult ticket. Participating productions include tried-and-true family faves ( The Lion King , Wicked) tween-pleasers ( Bye Bye Birdie , Billy Elliot the Musical , West Side Story ) and even a few choices for mature teens ( Oleanna , Next to Normal ). Tickets go on sale on Monday, November 9 at noon, and we're sure they're going to sell out fast. Details on how to snag seats for Kids Night on Broadway should be available on the event's website soon. Last year, a discount code was provided that allowed patrons to purchase tickets by phone, online or at participating theater box offices. Here's...

    Holiday sale at Moomah

    Wed Nov 4

    Designed by the Brooklyn-based Apartment One studio and opened by Tracey Stewart (wife of The Daily Show 's Jon), Moomah in Tribeca is a class act for kids, equal parts caf, play space, gallery and boutique. If you haven't visited yet, mark your calendar for Sunday, November 15. From 2 to 6pm, Moomah's hosting an early holiday sale. Save 40 to 70 percent on art supplies, toys, costumes, wooden doll houses and more. Only problem: figuring out how to hide the gifts you buy from your kids, who will certainly be in tow. Photograph: Beth Levendis

    Google celebrates Sesame Street's 40th birthday

    Wed Nov 4

    Most people don't embrace their 40th birthday as enthusiastically as Sesame Street (guess monsters age really well). Then again, few humans get an exhibit at the Brooklyn Public Library , a restospective book and a best of DVD in honor of the occasion. Today, google is also marking the milestone adding Big Bird's bottom half to its logo. We've said it before and we'll say it again: Happy Birthday Sesame Street !

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