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    Parents want the ice cream man ousted from NYC

    Wed Aug 19

    To many of us, one of the best things about living in NYC is the amount of food trucks parked on street corners. Sweets at your fingertips whenever you crave them? Absolutely! But some local parents aren't fans: In this Times article, they rant about ice cream trucks, calling them "predatory" and complaining that they elicit a vulture-like response from kids whenever they play their signature song. Other annoyances include spoiling kids' appetites, waking them from naps and possible drug dealing on the side. These concerned parents are banding together to oust Mister Softee and his ilk, contacting 311 and chattering on sites such as Moms Like Me. Though "Entertainer"-induced squeals can be annoying, banning the trucks seems a bit extreme. How about just saying no? Easier said than done, yes, but certainly more feasible than trying to quash an entire industry. As one truck owner says, "[This] is not a valid issue...it's like a mother being angry at a store being at a particular...

    Web site answers all of your kid's questions

    Thu Aug 13

    As kids grow up, they inevitably have endless questions about how the world works. Some you can't answer (why is the sky blue?), some you don't want to answer, yet (where do babies come from?). Now, a new Web site called whyzz.com can help you give Junior the info he's looking for. The site is designed to let kids ask any question they can think of (except just plain old "why" which yields no results. However, I asked "Why does poop smell?" and "What is love?" and both ended up with awesome answers), or they can contribute their own answers to any of life's queries. Don't expect any unfounded responses; the site uses expert resources like NYU Child Study Center and the National Association of School Psychologists so that the 411 your child receives is accurate (at least for the more fact-based questions). Head over and try it out with your little one. Don't have a query? No problem: You can browse by topic to discover the answers to thousands of kiddie conundrums.

    Twittering during childbirth: TMI?

    Tue Aug 11

    A pop quiz: You're about to give birth. You: A) Shout loud obscenities at your partner and doctor B) Curse yourself for ever getting into this predicament C) Twitter about the experience If you answered A or B, we get it. But if you answered C, well, perhaps you're obsessed with over-sharing. But you're not alone! Apparently, certain tech-savvy mamas are beginning to take full advantage of the instant-communication capabilities we have at our fingertips by twittering while giving birth. Early this morning, Twitter CEO Evan Williams and his wife, Sara, headed to the hospital to welcome their first baby. But they didn't do it alone; they brought along all of their Twitter followers (over a million people!) and kept them in the loop via updates like "Epidural, yes please" and "Operation Baby Launch continues on track, though a bit too slowly in my opinion. That's usually the case with big launches though." Granted, there were only six or so updates in total, but still! Isn't giving...

    Twilight Barbie dolls to hit stores in November

    Tue Aug 11

    If all that semi-chaste neck-biting didn't turn your stomach, this will! Just kidding (kind of). On November 1, Barbie is releasing two new dolls of Twilight lovers Bella Swan and Edward Cullen that look pretty similar to the actors who play them: teen heartthrobs Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. This doesn't come as much of a surprise, though, considering what a cash cow this whole phenomenon has been. These things are going to fly off the shelves, which will be available at Wal-Mart and barbiecollector.com. Will your kids be adding these to their holiday wish list?

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