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    Kid's casting call for Hugh Jackman film this Saturday

    Thu Feb 18

    Seems like we've been telling you about a lot of casting calls lately. This one's for kids, not parents. If you've got a budding male thespian on your hands between the ages of 10 to 14, DreamWorks wants him! A Hugh Jackman-fronted film is looking for a boy to fill the leading role of Max, a street-smart kid with a soft side underneath (of course). Imagine, your son starring opposite Wolverine. No experience or preparation necessary, just head to Shetler Studios at 244 W 54th St between Broadway and Eighth, 12th floor, this Saturday, February 20th from 11am to 4pm. Prepare to encounter a crowd!

    Thursday's event pick: the Wonka Extroodler

    Thu Feb 18

    Okay, we admit, Dylan's Candy Bar's demo of the Wonka Extroodler —a machine that makes chocolate noodles that look like spaghetti—is a sugar-coated ploy to get you and your kids to spend time (not to mention money) at the treat shop. But guess what? The gadget's quirky and cool, and definite worth a look. Even sweeter: Wonka Exceptional bars will be distributed free throughout the day. All together now: "Yummmmm!"

    Babes and bars, part 9,382

    Thu Feb 18

    Another day, another entry into the "do-children-belong-in-bars?" controversy. Or, rather, non-troversy, because to us, it all comes down to common sense. An afternoon pint at the spacious Pencil Factory ? Sure! Midnight at Mars Bar ? No way. Before the conversation devolves into the inevitable name calling and nastiness on both sides, how about remembering that we adults are supposed to be the actual, er, adults in this situation?

    Toy Story 3: Let the countdown begin!

    Wed Feb 17



    The third installment in Disney Pixar's Toy Story franchise doesn't hit theaters until June 18, but already the media blitz has begun. Many parents seem to be as excited about this threequel as their kids (I know my four-year-old and I are equally psyched!) It's been 11 years since TS2 and 15 (sigh) years since the original, so the series really does span generations. At Toy Fair, the House of Mouse revealed its new line of TS toys. It was a pretty elaborate shindig, including appearances by TS creator John Lasseter, who reminisced about his inspiration for the franchise, John Ratzenberger, better known as the voice of Hamm the piggy bank (or Cliff Clavin), and a bunch of big green Army men. The toy line includes all the classic characters: Woody, Buzz (including an Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Programmable Robot, which speaks English and Spanish phrases and dances), Rex, Mr. Potato Head and Slinky Dog, as well as new additions such as Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear (that's going to be a hit with...

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