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    Friday's pick of the day: Old Navy's Urban Pumpkin Patch

    Fri Oct 23

    With Mother Nature threatening to rain tomorrow (again!), it's a good idea to start the Halloween happenings today by heading over to the Meatpacking District for Old Navy's Urban Pumpkin Patch . Word is there will be 15,000 pumpkins ripe for picking, plus pedi-cab hayrides, a petting zoo, artsy activities and carvings from the master, Mr. Hugh McMahon. Come dressed to the nines with your kids—costumes are strongly encouraged. If you can't make it out today, you can still get your ghoul on: The event continues on Saturday October 24. Happy haunting!

    Mumps outbreak in Brooklyn

    Fri Oct 23

    In the midst of all the hubbub about whether to vaccinate against the seasonal flu or the swine flu comes a really scary story: 57 kids in Borough Park, Brooklyn have come down with mumps! Here's the frightening part: 75 percent of the infected kids had been vaccinated, which, according to The Daily News , is supposed to protect against the disease 90% of the time. (We still strongly believe that all kids should be vaccinated.) The illness is spread through coughing and sneezing, and a person becomes sick about two weeks after being infected. So please, keep your red-nosed kids home from school and off the subways until you're sure it's just a cold. The salivary glands of folks across the city will thank you.

    Ultrasound image art

    Fri Oct 23

    We get tons of press releases sent to us at the Time Out Kids offices, but every once in awhile something comes across our desks that falls into the "just when we thought we've seen everything" category. My First Silhouette is a new company that will turn your baby's ultrasound image (yes, you heard us right—the ultrasound image) into a piece of art to hang in your home. Now we see nothing wrong with sharing the special image with friends and family after a doctor's visit, but this just seems absurd—especially at $50 to $450 a pop. You can see the final product here. Don't say we didn't warn you!

    World's largest gummy bear

    Fri Oct 23

    We thought our round-up of ghoulish goodies was drool-worthy, but we're in absolute awe of these nine-inch-tall, five pound gummies for sale at vat19.com . One editor described it as part snack, part Jeff Koons -like artwork. We're pretty sure most tots out there would love to get their little hands (and teeth) on one of these. At 30 bucks a pop, you probably won't see any handed out as treats on October 31, but maybe you could order one for fun for the entire fam.

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