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    Score your kid a brand-new bedroom!

    Thu Oct 1

    We bet your parental popularity will rise if your child manages to win this awesome prize package from Room & Board . In addition to snazzy new furniture from the national chain, one lucky boy and one lucky girl will snag a closetful of clothes from 77kids by American Eagle and a slew of tech goodies including an iPod Nano , MacBook and more. Entering is simple—just click here and fill out the form. You only have until midnight on October 5th to enter so don't procrastinate!

    Is Glee appropriate for kids?

    Wed Sep 30

    A few staffers here at Time Out Kids are already addicted to the new Fox program Glee (Wednesdays at 9pm). The show follows the misfit students who come together in a high-school glee club, as well as their socially awkward teachers. Though it clearly takes some cues from megahit High School Musical, the series differs in a huge way, in that this musical is actually watchable, with real laugh-out-loud moments. It's also musically eclectic: Featured songs include Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" and Rihanna's "Take a Bow." Among the talented cast are Lea Michele, from Broadway's Spring Awakening, and Matthew Morrison, who played Link Larkin in Hairspray's first national tour. And the emotionally authentic plotlines have so far tackled teen sex and pregnancy, and coming out as gay to friends and parents. Which got us wondering...are any parents out there allowing their musical-obsessed tweens to watch this show? Tell us! If your kiddos are definitely too young to tune in, check out our...

    Toward a better school lunch

    Wed Sep 30

    You may think that your city-sized kitchen presents a challenge when it comes to preparing healthy meals for your family, but we're betting that, when you so choose, you at least can boil water for pasta. That's not the case in more than half of NYC's 1,395 school kitchens , which is why lunches tend toward canned ravioli and defrosted chicken patties. Some cafeteria managers are able to get creative with limited resources, and local groups like Wellness in the Schools advocate for better ingredients and increase awareness, but we've still got a long way to go. So tell us: How's the food at your kid's school?

    Live in NYC. Save your marriage

    Tue Sep 29

    We know you don't need another reason to live here, but we've got one. New census data shows that New York state had the third fewest divorcs in the nation last year. The only states that beat us? North Dakota and New Jersey (so no, our superiority is not feeling too threatened). And guess what? The divorce rates in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island were even lower than the state average of 8.4%. Even the Bronx and Manhattan fared better than the national average, at 9% and 10.4% respectively. The national average is 10.7%. So what makes NYC couples stay together? Is it the cuisine, the culture, the diversity, or, ahem, the quality family time that Time Out Kids bolsters? Some seem to think the numbers are a reflection on New York's difficult divorce laws (we're one of the few states without "no-fault" divorce) and the fact that New Yorkers are just plain fickle (fewer marry in New York than in other states). But having met hundreds of happily married parents—who...

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