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    Baby blues

    Fri Sep 25

    From the school of Count Your Blessings: You've probably heard by now about the woman who gave birth to a 19-lb. baby. If that isn't enough to make you even more grateful for the healthy 7-lb. bundle of joy you delivered, our friends at the HuffingtonPost have rounded up a handful of other astonishing birth stories, including a baby with a birth weight of 8.6 ounces and a mother who became pregnant two and a half months after becoming pregnant; yep, two due dates two-and-a-half months apart.

    Yo Gabba Gabba coming to Beacon Theatre

    Thu Sep 24

    As an editor at Time Out Kids , I've come to appreciate all variety of cultural events—well, almost. You see, there's still one form that I've never warmed up to: the musical spectacular based on a children's TV program. Watching costumed characters sing boob-tube jingles to a packed arena always brings on nausea and a headache for me. But there are exceptions to every rule, and at last, I think I've found one to this. For the first time ever, the smart, funky and musically brave children's program Yo Gabba Gabba will put on a live show, called Yo Gabba Gabba! Live: There's a Party in my City . While few details have been released about the event, it looks promising: In the mix will be animation, games, singing and dancing—all the elements that make the TV show a hit—plus appearances from celebrity guests. And here's what there won't be: a forced, moralistic, cheesy plot. Hurrah! Tickets go on sale on October 9; the show plays November 21 at 11 am and 2pm...

    Nick News hosts a special on kids with severe allergies

    Thu Sep 24

    Being a kid with seasonal allergies is awful--we wheeze in sympathy! But life-threatened allergies--peanuts anyone?--are nothing to sneeze at. These days, more and more children are being diagnosed with potentially fatal allergies to everything from wheat to bee stings, so it's makes sense that Linda Ellerbee and the folks over at Nick News have decided to tackle this issue in the new TV special I'm Allergic to My World , which premieres Sunday, September 27, at 8pm on Nickelodeon . The show offers a glimpse into the lives of kids afflicted with allergies, their coping mechanisms, and commentary from parents and doctors. Nick News, which recently picked up its seventh Emmy award, always does a great job of educating kids (and moms and dads!) about serious subjects, without sugar-coating the facts. Take this as opportunity to teach your little ones--both with and without allergies--about this hot topic. Sweeten the deal by grabbing some allergen-free treats to...

    New show at Lincoln Center

    Thu Sep 24

    Move over Bethesda Water Fountain! Come October 1, Central Park will no longer be the only game in town when it comes to eye-popping water works. The iconic Revson Fountain on Lincoln Center's Josie Roberston plaza is about to start spouting again—and its got lots of new tricks up its, er, pipe. Architects Diller, Scofido + Renfro (the brains behind the High Line and Alice Tully Hall) have redesigned it to look like a floating granite ring and lowered the pool so it's a shallow surface at Plaza level. We're especially psyched about the revamped water choreography: WET , a special design firm that's also worked on Columbus Circle and Bellagio, has installed nozzles and a lighting system that allow for an array of geometric configurations, speeds and light displays. How very Vegas! And unlike most other Lincoln Center performances, this show will be free—and playing well before your tyke's bedtime.

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