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    Become a Facebook fan of The Children's Place and you may win a $50 gift card

    Fri Oct 16

    Seems like every company is trying to figure out how to get more Facebook fans. ( We'd love more too !) Of course bounty works better than begging, which is why The Children's Place is giving away a $50 gift card every day to one of its lucky Facebook fans through October 31. All you have to do for a chance to win is click here . Even if you don't snag the prize, there are a ton of great coupons and special offers listed on the page .

    The perfect weather for soup

    Fri Oct 16

    The only thing I want to do on rainy days like today is hole up in my apartment with a full DVR, my fuzzy slippers and a big ol' bowl of soup. I don't mean your standard Campbell's tomato; I'm talking about something heartier and homemade. I came across this super cool blog called A Thousand Soups , which offers recipes for hundreds of different kinds, from spicy enchilada to chicken gumbo. I'm planning on trying out the Ravioli, Pesto and Spinach Cream this weekend. The site even offers tips for toppings and sides, like croutons and these to-die-for Cheese Biscuits with Rice Krispies (scroll to the bottom). Round up your kiddos, break out the broth and start stirrin'!

    Jacques Torres opens store in Chelsea Market

    Fri Oct 16

    Chocolatier Jacques Torres has a brand-new booth in the already delectable Chelsea Market . The shop, which opened last week, stocks all of his usual cocoa-rich offerings with one special addition: the Bean to Bar. Of course the limited-edition, 70 percent-cacao bar is probably better suited to parents' taste buds (this isn't the rich treat kids are used to!) Proceeds from the bar will benefit the Food Bank's "NYC Goes Orange" campaign , an annual initiative to feed our hungry neighbors.

    Friday's pick of the day: Mario Lopez reading

    Fri Oct 16

    Though your kids probably won't understand your nostalgic Bayside High references, that's no reason not to introduce them to muscle-man AC Slater in the flesh. Today, he reads aloud from his children's book Mud Tacos , which he penned with his sister, Maria Lopez-Wong. Though the Extra! gossip monger is less beefy than he was back in '86, his still-goofy character comes through in his literary endeavors—even if they are for the preschool set.

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