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    Thu Mar 5

    Over at Scholastic's Parent & Child magazine, the Mommy Blogger Awards 2009 are in full force to pick the best mom blogger on the Interwebs. The nominees have passed the preliminary round and now it's up to you to choose the winner. There are some fantastic candidates, including Momisodes , Chasing a Child and Callapidder Days (which has choked me up on several occasions). I recommend checking them all out--each one is unique and I can see why all of them are finalists. Voting continues through Fri Mar 13. Who do think deserves the title of World's Best Mom Blogger?

    Don't know where or Wen: pre-K parents at Shuang Wen are trying to keep their kids in the school

    Wed Mar 4

    At least that's what one father of a pre-K student, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, claims. As we reported back in December, parents at the school—which teaches part of the day in Mandarin—were livid when they found out that pre-K students who had been accepted to the school via a lottery would be forced to undergo a second lottery in order to secure a kindergarten spot for the first time in the history of the school. Many parents insisted that the principal, Ling Ling Chou, had promised that their kids would have continuity and intentionally misrepresented the application process. In an effort to keep their kids in the school, a number of parents have mobilized and are begging the DOE for help. In addition to meeting with various power players, they have launched a click petition that outlines three scenarios that would allow their kids to remain at Shuang Wen, which is the only public school in the city that offers Mandarin instruction. (The DOE's major issue with...

    Hot this season: Designer babies

    Wed Mar 4

    Yes, we know, all kids are cute. But admit it: When you look at Shiloh Jolie-Pitt's blue eyes and wispy blond hair curling around her Precious Moments face, don't you want to steal her for yourself? (OK so maybe you don't.) Whatever features appeal to you, if you end up having another child, you can now dictate its looks: Reportedly, within six months, a fertility clinic with offices in New York and Los Angeles will begin letting parents choose the eye and hair color of their children . Yup, you can design your own dream baby right in the petri dish for a mere $15,000. Of course we this idea was on the horizon, but it seems closer to reality than expected. Thank you, science ! Shilohs for EVERYONE! One of my favorite blogs, F-ed in Park Slope , has taken this idea to the next level by inviting users to design the perfect Park Slope baby. It's like when you go to Tossed and get to choose what kind of lettuce you want, and then add all of your favorite...

    Lock up your daughters!

    Wed Mar 4

    I think it's fairly safe to say that most little girls go through, at some point or another, a "pink phase." You know what I'm talking about: She refuses to wear anything that isn't magenta, hoards all of the strawberry Starbursts and becomes a master at using food coloring to give eggs, milk and other treats a pale rose tint. So how do you think little gals in the midst of this obsession would react to seeing a live, pink dolphin? This one was spotted in the Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana. It's actually albino, and spends more time underwater than other dolphins due to its rare condition. Though it probably won't be spotted in the Hudson River anytime soon, keep your eyes peeled for the fuchsia creature in newspapers everywhere. And expect plenty of high-pitched squeals from your little pink princess.

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