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    Speyer Legacy School: Just for gifted kids?

    Mon Oct 19

    Wait a minute, you're probably thinking, aren't all independent schools for gifted students? That's why my kid had to take a million tests to get into Collegiate! But that's not what the brains behind the brand new Speyer Legacy School would like you to think. Today's New York Times profiles the new K-8 school, which opened last month and claims to be unique because of its 100% gifted and talented student body. According to The Times , Speyer Legacy "follows a curriculum developed specifically for advanced learning, with an emphasis on student inquiry. For instance, students are told they are discussing meteorology rather than the daily weather, and that they are studying entomology rather than insects. Classes are limited to 18, and include time for art, music, chess and Spanish." "Speyer does not set a minimum test score for admission, though Connie Williams Coulianos, the head of school, said that all of the current students scored in the high 90s on...

    Milk delivery comes to Brooklyn

    Mon Oct 19

    Nothing washes down a chocolate chip cookie—or a bowl of cheerios—like a glass of milk. We're such big fans of cow juice that we devoted a story to local bottlers of it in our July '08 issue. Today, we're happy to report that, according to the New York Daily News , one of the dairies we featured— Manhattan Milk , known for milk with a "full and creamy texture"—plans to extend its delivery service to brownstone Brooklyn (i.e. Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens and Park Slope) next month. The farm currently delivers to about 50 households in Manhattan. Each quart of Manhattan Milk's USDA-organic-certified-stuff will set you back $5. Our take: It's a small, albeit slightly extravagant, price to pay to do your kids' bodies good. And it's quite a tasty nostalgia trip!

    Stylish board books---not an oxymoron

    Mon Oct 19

    Chewable tomes are notoriously soporific—for parents, that is (though we've manged to find a few that we like). Our new favorites come from the design mavens at DwellStudio; the first four in the series cover numbers, colors, shapes and textures, with more books due in the spring. Collect 'em all, but don't be surprised if the next time you plunk your toddler down in front of the television, she wants to switch the channel from Nick Jr. to HGTV.

    Monday's pick of the day: Beethoven Lives Upstairs

    Mon Oct 19

    Today, bring the brood to Cobble Hill Cinemas for a cinematic introduction to classical music with a screening of Beethoven Lives Upstairs . The live action flick follows a little boy who learns to love classical by listening to his upstairs neighbor, the great Ludwig Van Beethoven, play.

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