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    Nintendo cuts price of Wii

    Thu Sep 24

    We've got good news for parents saving up for the holidays. Nintendo has finally discounted its uber-popular Wii from $250 to $200. Nintendo doesn't allow retailers to offer their own discounts on the system, so this 20% is the best deal you're going to get unless you take your chances on Craigslist. The new price goes into effect on September 27.

    Celebrity mommy Catherine Zeta-Jones moving to NYC

    Wed Sep 23

    At least temporarily. It's finally been confirmed ( Perez has been blogging about it for a month) that the star of Chicago , No Reservations , The Legend of Zorro and all those wacky T-Mobile commercials will appear in the Broadway revival of Stephen Sondheim's A Little Night Music opposite the legendary Angela Lansbury. Previews at the Walter Kerr Theatre begin November 24th, and the show opens on December 13th. We're not sure what we're looking forward to more: Hearing Zeta-Jones croon "Send in the Clowns" or tracking sightings of the actress running around town with hubby Michael Douglas and their adorable kids, Dylan Michael, 9, and Carys Zeta, 6.

    Good news for kids' lungs

    Wed Sep 23

    No, we're not talking about Bloomberg's proposed public parks smoking ban. The Food and Drug Administration banned the sale of flavored cigarettes yesterday in an effort to prevent kids from transitioning their fondness for Kit Kats into an addiction to chocolate and vanilla-laced tobacco. The New York Times reports that in a 2004 survey, "17-year-old smokers were more than three times as likely as those over the age of 25 to smoke flavored cigarettes, and they viewed flavored cigarettes as safer." Thousands of teenagers and kids (yes, those innocent tweens we just wrote about) take up smoking every day. We're not sure if the ruling will put a huge dent in adolescent smoking (flavor or no flavor, smoking is an addictive, rebellious behavior), but it's clearly a step in the right direction. From now on, when your kids ask you what cigarettes taste like, you can tell them with complete honesty: "Horrible."

    The condition of unconditional parental love

    Fri Sep 18

    I read two fascinating articles this week about how our generation of parents is showering kids with unconditional love...or are we? The first in the New York Times criticized the tactic of shaping kids via affection, i.e. providing conditional, as opposed to unconditional, love in order to get progeny to behave. Frankly, I'm not sure how one can always show kids uncondition love all the time. Parents have emotions too. If your kid hurts your feelings--or breaks something or acts sassy--you still love them, but it may not seem that way while you're yelling. (Yes I yell. Not all the time. But sometimes.) The second piece in Salon also touches on unconditional vs. conditional love. NurtureShock authors Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman say that continually complimenting kids regardless of whether the praise is valid is our way of conveying unconditional love, but we're actually corrupting it. (Supposedly some teachers and parents have been saying "good working" instead of "good job" to...

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