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    Photos from Time Out Kids' Spring Kids Fest!

    Wed Jun 3

    [node:] If you didn't make our Spring Kids Fest in Madison Square Park this past Saturday, then you don't know what you missed...but we're happy to show you! The weather was gorgeous and kids and parents seemed to be having a fantastic time listening to music, watching magic, trying yoga poses and sampling free eats. (We won't lie: The complimentary cotton candy was a serious hit with all ages—in fact, a lot of childless folks waited patiently to get their hands on the sticky pink snack!) Our next kids fest will take place sometime in October. Until then, click through our slide show of fabulous photos by Marc Whalen from this month's edition.

    Auction offers Yankee Stadium tour, other prizes

    Tue Jun 2

    Get your paddle, er, mouse ready. The online auction to benefit the preservation of Riverside Park starts tomorrow at noon, and there are a few packages up for bid that could earn you some serious props from your kid...assuming you win. Yankees fans will flip over this homerun prize: a private viewing of the new stadium. The behind-the-scenes tour for two comes with a pair of tickets to the September 9th game against the Tampa Bay Rays. The location of the seats: behind the home team's dugout along the first base line. Another item sure to be met with a thousand thank yous is a meeting with Eric Weiner, the the creator Dora the Explorer and an executive producer on Little Einsteins. Winners will get to pick his brain over lunch. Want to ask him how he feels about the new tween Dora? Now's your chance. Bidding for all items ends on June 18th.

    Mini Hollywood starlets: 9 going on 19

    Tue Jun 2

    Looking at these pics , you might think that Paris has gone and bought herself some kids, or hopped into a time machine to revisit her youth. But don't be fooled! The girl on the left is the future of Hollywood! If you notice a hint of similarity between her and Miss Miley Cyrus, you've successfully fine-tuned your celebrity-relations-ometer: That's Hannah Montana's little sis, named Noah. The prima donna was spotted out with some underage beauty pageant wannabe, who, at the ripe age of eight, has figured out how to flash the peace sign while strategically placing her arm akimbo so as to reduce the appearance of flab. Bravo! Are we overreacting when these images send our gag reflexes into overtime? Perhaps. But look at the handbag and the eyeliner and the leopard print and the Red Bull! Yikes. We're scared to watch their YouTube show .

    Play outside to help build a playground

    Fri May 29

    According to a recent study , kids, on average, spend approximately six hours a day in front of TVs and computers, and less than four minutes each day exercising their bodies and imaginations in unstructured, outdoor play. While we would guess that little New Yorkers spend more time playing outside than a measly 240 seconds—if only by virtue of their pedestrian-friendly surroundings—they're just as addicted to technology as their suburban and rural counterparts. In an effort to get kids to put down the remote and lace up their sneakers, grandparents.com has launched its "Go Play Outside" campaign, which encourages grandparents and their grandchildren to do just that. The site is asking the nation's 70 million grandparents to collectively log one million hours of outdoor playtime with their grandkids this summer. For each hour logged, the site will donate a penny to KaBOOM! , a non-profit that works to provide communities with the resources to build...

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