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    Visit your playground...for charity!

    Wed Mar 25

    With the weather warming up, chances are you're going to be spending a lot more outside visiting parks, playgrounds and other alfresco hot spots. While you're taking digital photos of your kid, why not snap a pic of the play spot too, to benefit a good cause? National nonprofit org KaBOOM! has teamed up with Dancing With the Stars ' siren Julianne Hough to find 100,000 play spaces across the nation in 100 days. For every play spot shot, Hough will donate $1 to a worthy cause. To participate, all you need to do is log on to the KaBOOM! Playspace Finder , pick a charity to earn money for, post a pic of a place to play, and rate it. Hough will then give the selected nonprofit a buck (guess she makes some good dough on that reality show, huh?). Not only are you giving to charity, you're also helping to create a fabulous online resource: a Google-based map filled with user-generated data about places to play including playgrounds, athletic fields, ice rinks, basketball...

    Breaking news: Where the Wild Things Are trailer

    Wed Mar 25

    Last week, we mentioned Spike Jonze's upcoming cinematic adaptation of Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are, and we admitted that we were equal parts excited and skeptical. Well our fears have been laid to rest with the release of the movie's trailer. I got goosebumps, people. GOOSEBUMPS. I've watched it a half dozen times and keep going back for more. The two minute preview is set to Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" which, though slightly obvious, goes perfectly with the story's theme. Gather the kids around, watch the trailer and then start counting down to October 16th. We can hardly wait.

    Elephants on parade = AWESOME

    Tue Mar 24

    At around midnight last night, my friends and I trudged out into the crisp evening air and planted ourselves on 34th Street, standing on tiptoe to peer over the pack of Gothamites waiting not-so-patiently for the great herd of pachyderms to emerge from the Queens Midtown Tunnel. Finally at about 12:30am, a group of goofy clowns appeared in the distance with nearly a dozen giant elephants sauntering behind them. Actually, sauntering isn't right--they seemed to be running really, a gray blur of wrinkled epidermis flying by. The anticipated event was over in a few minutes, but left us shouting to one another, "That was amazing!" The event had the vibe of the countdown to midnight on New Year's Eve, only way cooler. Back in November, Time Out Kids rounded up the 50 essential things your kid has to do in NYC before hitting five feet. After last night's spectacle, I firmly believe that the annual Barnum & Bailey Elephant Parade should be added to the list. In such a busy city, our everyday...

    Wishing for a peanut-free planet?

    Tue Mar 24

    My family recently found out that my four-year-old cousin is allergic to peanuts. This diagnosis could send anyone spiraling, thinking about all of the hazards associated with this allergy. However, my aunt--ever the Manhattan mom of simplicity--found a great resource called Peanut-Free Planet for ordering peanut-free (not to mention gluton-, soy-, egg-, wheat- and dairy-free) snacks and spreads. The site offers everything from granola bars to peanut butter alternatives, holiday chocolates, candy bars, baking supplies--even lunch and dinner options. The best part is that you can order all of it online and have it delivered to your door, taking away the stress of skulking around tiny NYC grocery stores, scouring every label for a possible peanut-y ingredient. My cousin can't get enough of the sunbutter bars , and even her non-allergic older sister loves them--proving that peanut-free can be delicious, too. Of course, if you read our January article on scoring yummy...

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