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    It's still a sunny day on Google, more Sesame Street doodles

    Mon Nov 9

    Yesterday we figured Elmo would be it, but today the Count makes a cameo and the letters that spell out Google are appropriately turned into numbers. Ha-ha-ha. The Count's long been one of our faves on the show. We're so happy that, save Elmo (who was a given due to his popularity), Google has gone old-school with the tribute doodles, no Zoe or Abby Caddaby (no offense ladies). We believe the tributes end tomorrow; who do you think will be the last one? Our guess: Kermit the Frog. Granted, he's no longer on Sesame Street , but before he crossed over to Muppets fame, he was the show's resident amphibian as well as the character most closely associated with creator Jim Henson.

    New celebrity interview with Twilight's Peter Facinelli

    Mon Nov 9

    Although your kids will probably recognize Peter Facinelli as Dr. Cullen from the blockbuster Twilight series, you may remember him from his roles in Can't Hardly Wait , HBO's Six Feet Under and most recently Showtime's Nurse Jackie . The husband of 90210 's Jennie Garth—and father to three little girls— chatted with Time Out Kids about parenthood, his favorite NYC haunts, and the upcoming Twilight sequel, New Moon , which opens later this month. Forget Edward: The decidedly down-to-earth dad is the one to watch when you hit the theaters this month with your brood. Swoon!

    Win Dan Zanes and Friends' new CD

    Mon Nov 9

    We suspect you already know that we here at Time Out Kids are big fans of Dan Zanes . Perhaps the coolest thing about the iconic kiddie crooner is that he tackles myriad musical styles, from folk to punk to rock 'n' roll. But with his new album, 76 Trombones , he goes where he's never gone before: the Great White Way. Not only does he cover classic Broadway tunes, he welcomes a number of Main Stem regulars as guests, including Matthew Broderick and Brian Stokes Mitchell. We're giving five copies of the CD in honor of its November 17th release. Click here to enter to win!

    Monday's pick of the day: Visit the USS New York

    Mon Nov 9

    We already touted the USS New York as a great Veterans Day destination . But since the weather on Wednesday may turn out to be wet , today may be the perfect day to visit the brand-new battleship docked in Midtown West. With temperatures near 70, a walk down by the waterfront sounds heavenly. We may play hooky and join you.

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