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    Octomom further exploits her children

    Mon Apr 27

    We didn't think it was possible either! But alas, the mother of 14 has found a way to make more cash off of her litter. In this Radar video --which she presumably got a pretty penny for (or at the very least, a ton of exposure)--Nadya Sulemon inks it up at Kustom Kulture in Los Angeles. What did she get, you ask? An angel, of course, with 14 stars surrounding it to represent her 14 children. Very original and not at all cheesy or contrived! Make sure you watch the entire video so you don't miss the story behind the giant burn on her butt, which, you know, is totally normal to talk about on camera. Thank you for this gem, Radar!

    A former "Baby Ivy Leager" reacts to the documentary Nursery Univeristy

    Fri Apr 24

    The story of my acceptance into one of New York City's "Baby Ivies"— The Episcopal School 's nursery program—is one my parents never tire of telling. It goes like this:"Mrs. Lembo [then director of the institution] was down on the floor with you. We were in her office, all dressed up, and there she was sitting on the floor. And she asked you—you were two-years-old!—what your favorite color was. You said 'violet,'" my dad says, proud tears welling in his eyes. "And then," my mom chirps in, hand to her heart, "She asked you what violet looks like. And you said 'purple.'" Decades later, my parents still get wistful recalling that moment of glory, one that supposedly guaranteed my place in the privileged-tot hot spot. It thrilled them—possibly more than my acceptance to a real Ivy 16 years later did. I had gotten into nursery school without a legacy or a fancy address. After I began school there, my teachers came to visit me in my apartment once a year to make sure my...

    Local mom leaves kids on side of road

    Fri Apr 24

    It's a familiar scenario: The kids are fighting like wild animals in the back seat while you try to remain on the roadway and retain your sanity. Finally, you lose it, screaming back at them, "If you two don't stop fighting, I'm going to kick you out of the car!" The problem is, the kids know you're bluffing. You wouldn't dare leave them on the side of the road, right? Well, one Scarsdale mom tested the theory by actually going through with her threat, dumping her two daughters, ages 10 and 12, off on the highway in the hope they might learn a lesson. Of course, everyone is up in arms about it and she's headed to court. But we can't help but wonder: Is it completely awful that she stuck to her word? Who knows. I can tell you this much: If my doormat of a mom had kicked my butt out of the car when I wouldn't shut my trap, I would have thought twice about crossing her in the future. Weigh in: Would you take to such extreme tactics to teach your tots a lesson?

    The gift of sex: Could you swing it?

    Thu Apr 23

    Coming up with heartfelt presents for your significant other is a difficult task—which is why one woman, Charla Muller, decided that for her husband's 40th birthday she would give him the ultimate gift: 365 days of sex. The concept is a pretty good one, I'll admit. However, the couple created ground rules including "either party could decline on any occasion," which, in my opinion, kind of defeats the purpose. Muller wrote a book about her year of hanky panky called 365 Nights: A Memoir of Intimacy, in which she notes that the arrangement took the pressure off of their date nights, and ultimately made them closer and more connected. Also of note is this statement by psychologist Linda Blair: "Couples who stay together after [their] children leave are generally those who have good sex lives while the children are at home." Would you ever offer an entire year of sex as a gift to your spouse?

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