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    Disney Does Discounts

    Wed Nov 26

    It's no secret that the recession is hitting Broadway hard. Within the past two weeks, four shows announced that they were closing. Clearly the folks at Disney took notice and now they're taking action. With every purchase of a full-priced ticket to see The Lion King, Mary Poppins or The Little Mermaid, Mickey & Co. is offering a free children's ticket. There are some caveats, of course. Tickets must be purchased between December 1-12 and are only valid for performances between January 6-March 13. Other restrictions may apply. Still, it sounds like a bargain stocking stuffer. Tickets can be purchased by phone, through Ticketmaster, at the box office or via DisneyOnBroadway.com.

    Parenting Poop: What Big Apple Moms and Dads are Buzzing About

    Tue Nov 25

    Got a tot who insists on hearing 10 books before dozing off to sleep? OneMoreStory.com offers an online library of classic books with added narration, song and music to accompany the tales. Ah, sweet Goodnight Moon relief.   Think junior is ready for a trip to MoMA--at a ripe three-months-old? Well make sure. Urban Baby offers tips and tricks to get your little one prepped for a day of Picasso perusing.   A new study shows that a disproportionate amount of African-American and Latino students are stuck in NYC's worst schools. Find out what's being done around NYC to stop the trend.   More classroom gossip: another study shows that high-achieving teachers churn out high-achieving kids. Is your babe's teacher making the grade?      

    Parenting Poop: What Big Apple Moms and Dads Are Buzzing About

    Sat Nov 22

    Let’s start with the fun and the frivolous: Ashlee Simpson and her rocker hubby Pete Wentz have named their kid Bronx Mowgli. First reaction: The pop princess has Posh envy (her firstborn’s named Brooklyn). Second reaction: Isn’t Mowgli a Gremlin before it turns bad? Oh wait, that’s mogwai. Mowgli’s from The Jungle Book. Third reaction: Bet they’ve never been to the borough of the Bronx, and we doubt they'll go now.   And here comes all the bad stuff. Starting in January, the city will decrease funding to 21 daycares in an attempt to stop hemorrhaging money. Happy New Year! Your child will be left behind.    Turn around bright eyes! New research suggests that babies who roll around in strollers facing their parents laugh more, sleep more easily and are generally less stressed. You tell us this now?!    Have you heard of the the Sarah Jane Brain Project? No? Sarah Jane was born happy and healthy in NYC three years ago. At five days old, her nurse shook her so...

    Parenting Poop: What Big Apple Moms and Dads Are Buzzing About

    Fri Nov 21

    Ever feel like a bad parent? Of course you do. We all have those moments (and in my case, weeks). But we’re the Cleavers compared with the dad who staged a smackdown between two toddlers! Warning: This video ain’t pretty. The worst part—aside from the on-screen graphic dubbing it a “baby cockfight”—is that an older girl (perhaps a sister?) eggs the brawlers on from the sidelines. Where do we send donations to the kids’ inevitable therapy funds?   Hey moms, McDonald’s wants you. That’s right, the fast-food giant is looking to market to busy mommies. A select group of mothers will even get a chance to go behind the scenes and get lectured by Mickey D suits about the nutritional value of the restaurant's food…like french fries. We find that hard to swallow (although it is very tasty).   Meanwhile, a new study shows that banning fast-food ads from kids’ TV programs would help curb the childhood obesity epidemic. Want to peddle that “fries are high in fiber” crap again,...

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