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    Car craze at Grand Central Terminal

    Tue Mar 17

    If you've got a vehicle-obsessed little boy at home, you probably already know that you "ought-to-go to the auto show " with him. But you may not realize that you can cater to his car fantasies at Grand Central Terminal. The New York Times reports that from March 25th through April 6, four BMW art cars, outlandishly decorated by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Stella and Robert Rauschenberg, will be on display at the station. These rides are infinitely cooler than those flower sticker taxis, and you can gawk at them for free. Rev your tot up with this awesome slideshow .

    Looking for more Girl Scout cookies?

    Mon Mar 16

    Sorry, that's a rhetorical question. Who isn't dying for more of these once-a-year treats? In my home state of California, you can buy the goodies at the supermarket, where little Daisies and Brownies hawk at the front door. So you can imagine my devastation when I moved to NYC and discovered that I had to preorder the cookies from an actual Scout, since that's the only way they're available (or so I was told). I don't know any Girl Scouts here, so my mom sent me a giant shipment of Samoas, Thin Mints and Tagalongs. Unfortunately, these puppies are going fast (I blame my editor). But I came across this juicy tidbit: There's a secret Cookie Cupboard that sells individual boxes! They are only open for a few hours every week, but if you have a minute I recommend popping in and snagging some before Girl Scout cookie season is over.

    See Thomas & Friends at the Beacon for $5 off

    Mon Mar 16

    Thomas, the cherubic choo-choo all kids dream of befriending, and his locomotive pals are stopping at the Beacon Theatre from Fri Apr 17 - Sun Apr 19. Get $5 selected performances by clicking here . Better act soon before this train leaves the station!

    Foodie Friday!

    Fri Mar 13

    Actually, more like "sweetie Friday." Our birthday issue--which hits stands in just a few of weeks--got me thinking a lot about cakes. Case in point: These adorable Cookie Monster cupcakes . Sadly, there is no recipe included with the associated post, but it seems pretty easy: just over-frost the cupcakes and shove half a cookie in it. The original inspiration came from this neato cupcake cake , which seems to be a trend right now for birthday parties. Cupcake cakes are an easy way to ensure that all the kids get equal portions and the best part is no serving headaches! Here's some extra cupcake cake inspiration for you. Want more ideas? Other outstanding cakes include a ton from Matty Cakes Bakery and of course the go-to cupcake blog, Cupcakes Take the Cake . I'm having a major sweets craving right now, can you tell?

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