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    Freaky Friday!

    Fri Feb 13

    It's Friday the 13th! [Insert creepy horror movie music here.] It's a day for keeping alert, indulging your superstitious side and, of course, settling down for an evening of scary movies with your little ones (our recommendations are Monster Squad and Ernest Scared Stupid --more silly than scary, and appropriate for the younger set). Ever wonder about the history of the date? Check out these 13 facts about Friday the 13th , then impress your babes with your freaky factoids.

    Indeed, a courageous campaign

    Thu Feb 12

    Anyone who knows me realizes that I am probably one of the least political people you'll ever meet. I just haven't taken the time to really figure out my stance on a lot of issues and I find myself still conflicted between the ideals with which I was brought up and the beliefs I've developed in my transition to adulthood. However, if there is one thing I feel passionately about, it's gay marriage. I'm from California and I was in complete shock when Prop 8 passed last fall in my home state--supposedly one of the most liberal ones in the country. It's mind-boggling to think that two people who love each other still cannot be married solely because of their gender. It makes me angry and incredibly sad. Today, a friend of mine sent out a Twitter update with this amazing link : It's a petition against Ken Starr's legal brief "seeking to nullify the marriages of 18,000 same-sex couples solemnized before Prop 8 passed" as well as a video of a few of said couples pleading, "Please...

    Dora Discount!

    Thu Feb 12

    You can't hear the name "Dora" without starting to sing, "Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo Dora!" can you? The power of Dora is difficult to deny, which is why you should buy your tickets to the live Radio City Music Hall stage spectacle , which is in town between April 8-12. If you order now, you can save $5 (hey, two and a half subway rides!) off select performances. Just click here and use the code WEBDORA .

    Since when is reproducing a charity cause?

    Wed Feb 11

    We're guessing you've already heard the news about Nadya Sulema giving birth to octuplets on January 26 in California...but did you know she's now taking donations? As if there weren't enough backlash about her seeking reproductive assistance after already having six kids, now the mom's looking for a handout. She just launched a website asking for donations to help her take care of her 14 children. Um, we're sorry-- what??? Lady, are you for real? Just months before the implantation, the mother of six filed for bankruptcy. Is girlfriend aware of how much kids cost? Is she aware of anything?! It's beyond preposterous. The next time she goes to the doctor, we hope it's to a shrink. Let's all pray she and her brood aren't "rewarded" with their own reality show...and if they are, let's all agree not to watch!

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