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    What's that smell?

    Thu Feb 5

    No, we're not talking about Junior's dirty diaper. We're talking about that weird syrupy odor that's been wafting through the city that makes you feel like you have an Eggo waffle affixed to your face. You've probably noticed it on and off for awhile now, and today Bloomberg finally addressed its cause . Apparently, it's emanating from " facilities in New Jersey that process food additives and fragrances." Specifically, a company called Frutarom. The place isn't violating any rules or regs, so the syrupy smell may stick around for a while--no pun intended. It's always Jersey's fault, isn't it?

    The Real LEGO Land

    Tue Feb 3

    New York City--a source of inspiration for artists, designers, creators, innovators and entrepreneurs for hundreds of years. But does Gotham trigger your creativity as a parent? Christoph Niemann, an illustrator and Times blogger who used to live in NYC before relocating to Berlin, recently found himself surrounded by hundreds of tiny, colorful, interlocking blocks, better known as LEGOs, in his little boys' room. While his tykes likely constructed crime-fighting Transformer-esque behemoths, Niemann's thoughts drifted to the city that never sleeps, and he came up with this: a minimalist representation of the Big Apple. Silly, yes, but also a sweet reminder of the little things that make this such a wonderful place to raise a family. You can see more of Niemann's art, including a kids-eye view of the subway , by reading previous entries from his Abstract City blog .

    February deals and discounts

    Fri Jan 30

    The economic crunch continues. Jobs and budgets are being slashed. But our discount diva can get it for you wholesale. Check out the great deals below and come back regularly: We post new items every week. 20% off all pink and red items at Corduroy Kids through February 14 In honor of Valentine's Day, the kids' clothing retailer is offering its holiday-colored wears for 20% off at both of its Brooklyn locations. 613 Vanderbilt Ave, 71 8-622-4145; 231 5th Ave, 718-789-2044. 25% off tickets to Elmo Makes Music through February 15 Sesame Street 's favorite red monster serenades his toddler fans in his latest live show at the WaMu Theater at MSG, Feb 5 t0 16. You can catch Elmo and his furry pals for 25% off selected performances by using the code SSLEMM. Click here to buy tickets. Midwinter sale at the Tenement Museum through February 20 $5 off the regular ticket price on any Museum tour, Monday through Friday. When purchasing tickets use code...

    Rosie's Broadway Kids unveils its new home

    Fri Jan 30

    Rosie O'Donnell is a very polarizing personality. Although I've always agreed with her politically and enjoyed her work at times, sometimes I just want her to give us a break (I sat next to her at The Color Purple years ago. During one of the big second act Gospel numbers, she threw up her arms and swayed back and forth as if she were in church, you know, just in case the audience hadn't noticed she was there. It's always all about her). That said, she has done many wonderful things, among them, founding Rosie's Broadway Kids, a nonprofit arts education program that brings theater teaching artists to needy kids in New York. This week, the organization unveiled its swanky new home, the Maravel Arts Center on West 45th Street. The building houses two dance studios, a music studio, library, dressing rooms and more. Rosie's been in the news a lot over the past few years. Her View feud, her reviled variety show (which I kind of liked!), her blog (which has been disbanded). I think I...

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