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    Don't drink the water

    Mon Feb 23

    Talk about seeing double! According to this New York Times article, there are 38 pairs of living twins in a tiny Brazililan village called Candido Godoi and some believe the water supply may be the cause. The town's residents are really into the myth—there's even a statue of a woman holding twin infants and a night-lit "fertility spring." Due to the expense--not to mention the possibility of the town losing its claim to fame--Candido Godoi's water has never been tested. We're surprised the village isn't trying to export its water as a miracle infertility cure.

    The tweet life

    Fri Feb 20

    Okay parents, if you don't have a Twitter account yet, you need to get one immediately. For those unfamiliar, Twitter is, more or less, a 140-character blog that you update on a daily/hourly basis. It's blogging with a much shorter time commitment. You can follow friends, family, complete strangers, your favorite blogger, Joe the Plumber, the Times , even Time Out Kids --the list is endless. I know what you're thinking: "Huh? How is this fun? I don't get it." I know! I thought the same thing. And then as people started following me and I started following others, "tweets" became more meaningful and I realized it's a really fun (and easy) way to stay updated on the things and people you care about. It's getting big and you need to get on board! If my feeble attempts at a pitch haven't sold you, these tweets might. They are from parents all over the country and will make you LOL. Read, laugh, commiserate, then get on Twitter--STAT. "Look, son, I get that you'd...

    Your nabe in six words or less

    Fri Feb 20

    New Yorkers are pretty passionate about their neighborhoods. Whether it's the elderly bodega owner on the corner or the chartreuse mural down the block, certain details make your nabe feel like home. But can you verbalize your 'hood's style in six words or less? Flavorwire wants you to try (and we do too). Harder than you think, isn't it? Some favorites: --Red Hook: No way in, no way out. --Ditmas Park: Sesame Street , with Tibetan 'Hooper's Store.' --Park Slope: Entitled organic babies will hate u. I tried to think of something appropriate for my neighborhood, Alphabet City. I came up with (sub-par) descriptions such as "expensive condos sandwiched between brick-laden projects" and "20-somethings wish they could afford LES." How do you capture your 'hood in six words or less?

    Enjoy a free visit at City Treehouse

    Fri Feb 20

    Last weekend, my three-and-a-half-year-old daughter and I finally got a chance to drop into newish Chelsea play space, City Treehouse . To say my kid had a fabulous time is a gross understatement! The main attractions: a massive water table filled with toys and an artificial tree complete with a hidden clubhouse and a shiny slide. Mommy Poppins recently cited the play space as one of the cleanest in the city, and I must agree. Although the open house I attended was packed, the attentive staff was quick to mop up the inevitable spillage, and adults and children removed their shoes upon entry. If you're interested in checking out City Treehouse, you're in luck. Now through March 15, you can reserve a free one-hour playtime. Visit the website to book your spot!

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