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    July deals and discounts

    Wed Jul 1

    We're all trying to spend less these days, but that doesn't mean we want to stop living well. The sweet deals below help you continue to amuse and clothe your family without breaking the bank. Kids eat free on weeknights at The Moxie Spot Brooklyn Heights haven The Moxie Spot is already a popular local destination for families, due to its laid-back atmosphere, games, movie screenings, storytimes and other complimentary events. You can also add free food to the list, as children dine gratis Mon-Thu 5:30pm-8:30pm. Get a free kid's combo, side pasta, regular mac & cheese, or plain pizza with the purchase of one adult dinner entree. The special applies to deliveries as well. 81--83 Atlantic Ave at Hicks St, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, 718-923-9710. Up to 50% off Mini Boden kids clothing If you have a kid, you probably get the Mini Boden catalog in the mail. I have no idea how they found me, but they did, and I've always flipped through its colorful pages with a...

    Eat-Off! Elephants vs. Humans

    Wed Jul 1

    Every year, Nathan's Famous hosts its annual Fourth of July International Hot Dog-Eating Contest. But this year, New Yorkers are invited to embrace a new tradition: a cross-species eating competition! On Friday three large elephants, currently starring in Ringling Bros.'s Coney Island Boom-A-Ring, will go up against three brave humans in a six-minute hot-dog bun eating contest. The trio of people, Juliet Lee (43), Gravy Brown (30) and Tim "Eater X" Janus (32), sound up to the challenge, but the elephants, Bunny (42), Susie (46) and Minnie (48), who weigh nine tons collectively, don't seem too concerned. The beasts gobble upward of 200 pounds of food every day! If nothing else, this event should prove to be a great teaching tool: You can show your kids firsthand the difference between human and pachyderm eating styles, thus giving new meaning to the refrain, "Don't behave like a wild animal!" On second thought, if Team Human has any chance of winning, they'll have to throw all dining...

    The Board of Ed is back

    Wed Jul 1

    By now I'm sure every NYC parent with a kid in public school is aware that, due to the snafu in Albany, the Board of Ed has been resurrected with Joel I. Klein as chancellor. But it sounds like it may not last for long: According to the NY Times, the board voted, 6-0, to call on Albany to renew the mayor's control of the city's schools. One of Bloomberg's cronies opened the meeting with the following statement: "We need to ensure that as a result of the inaction in Albany, we protect the students and schools of New York City from any chaos and allow them to continue to function." Those of us who went through the convoluted pre-K lottery process this year know how laughable that statement is. (And, as my mommy friends with kids who tried to get into middle-school this year tell me, what I went through was a cakewalk). The public wasn't allowed to give feedback at the end of the meeting, and the board adjourned until Sept. 10. So, fellow public-school parents, what do you think? Will...

    Take it to the streets: The Police Athletic League sponsored Summer Streets

    Tue Jun 30

    The kids are already griping that they're bored with the same old playground and sprinkler outings, and summer's only just begun! Change up your routine and head to the streets for some retro fun in the sun. Beginning Monday, July 6, the Police Athletic League will open 110 safe-play sites throughout the five boroughs. The designated streets will be closed to traffic and open to kids, where they can enjoy old-school games such as hopscotch and double-dutch, sidewalk chalk, cultural arts activities and, best of all, the water streaming from legally-opened hydrants. Simply sign-up with your local PAL center, pay a small fee and let the little ones run wild in the streets (safely of course). Police Athletic League sponsored Summer Streets Jul 6—Aug 21 (excluding Jul 31), Mon—Fri 9am—5pm (212-477-9450, ext. 389, palnyc.org).

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