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    Top 10 family films for the first half of '10

    Thu Jan 1

    Here's a sneak peak at the big-screen releases your kids will be begging to see over the next six months. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Starring Pierce Brosnan, Rosario Dawson, Uma Thurman. The film posters are already up, but you still have time to hand eager kids Rick Riordan's novel, a page-turner that brings Greek myths to life—in NYC! This movie version is being called Clash of the Titans for the iPod generation (in fact, an iPod features prominently in the plot). The Time Out Kids oracle decrees the signs bode well for young Percy. Opens Feb 12. Alice in Wonderland Directed by Tim Burton. Starring Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter. Alice returns to Wonderland at 19, to help fight the Red Queen (Carter) with her old friends White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, the Caterpillar (Alan Rickman) and the Mad Hatter (Depp). We only hope the CG imagery isn't too acid-trippy for little ones. Opens Mar 5. How to Train Your Dragon Voices of Gerard...

    Kid Picks review: Bedtime Stories

    Thu Dec 25

    Our buds over at Kid Picks asked kids what they thought of the family comedy Bedtime Stories with the always-funny Adam Sandler. See what they had to say!

    Parenting Poop: What Big Apple moms and dads are buzzing about

    Wed Dec 24

    Berry dangerous? Holly and its bright red berries may look pretty adorning your house during the holidays, but there's long been chatter about the plant's toxic nature. According to the Times , while it can be deadly when consumed in large quantities, only a few icky side effects (vomiting, diarrhea) will occur if a small amount is accidentally ingested. One less thing to worry about as you scramble to make Christmas dinner, wrap all the presents... DreamWorks is Blob-tastic A new trailer for the upcoming Monsters vs. Aliens (due in March) has gone viral, and from what we can tell it's going to be another awesome adventure from those masterminds over at DreamWorks. The hilarious Seth Rogen plays Bob (the blob) and Reese Witherspoon is a bride-turned-monster, taken in by a government compound when she's hit by a meteor. It may not be Monsters, Inc 2 , but we'll take it. Miley wishes you a Merry Christmas Oh, Miley. We're not sure why Miss...

    Run away and join the cirkus

    Wed Dec 24

    Got a big-top obsessed tot? If your aspiring acrobat, juggler, dancer, all-around entertainer is dying to get onstage, encourage your kid to audition for the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus. The veteran variety troupe is currently casting performers under age 21 for its two upcoming Calvalcade of Youth shows, on March 14 and April 26 at the Zipper Factory Theater. Those interested should email viveca@playfulproductions.com for additional info or visit the Bindlestiff website.

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