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    Still in love with Lisa Loeb

    Fri Dec 19

    If you're around my age (and if you want an actual number you're going to have to stalk me on Facebook), then the film Reality Bites probably holds a special place in your heart. Fresh out of college, I totally related to the story of a bright but aimless twentysomething (Winona Ryder, pre-shoplifting) who's torn between two guys, a clean-cut vapid Yuppie (Ben Stiller, who also directed) and a smart scruffy slacker (Ethan Hawke, sporting some serious Grunge style). Not only did the (admittedly juvenile) themes of the film haunt me in an "OMG this is my life!" sort of way, the flick's soundtrack, featuring Lisa Loeb's hit "Stay," dominated my CD changer (ah, the quaint pre-iPod days). I'm happy to admit I've changed a lot since then. I have a focus (my kid). I don't long to be torn between two men (having to love one guy takes enough energy!) And I'm no longer attracted to Ethan Hawke. But I still dig Lisa Loeb (was I the only one obsessed with her dating reality show #1 Single?!)...

    Kid Picks' Review: Bolt

    Fri Dec 19

    You know what we thought of Disney's 3-D action adventure. But what do the kids think? Our pals over at Kid Picks asked them, and as usual, they're not afraid to share their opinions.

    Parenting Poop: What Big Apple moms and dads are buzzing about

    Thu Dec 18

    Best parenting blogs Lisa Belkin of the NY Times' Motherlode is celebrating her 100th post with a few nods to her favorite blogs. She has some great picks, like UrbanBaby and MommyTrack'd , but we wanna know: Which mommy and daddy blogs did she leave off that you simply cannot live without? Who doesn't love cuddles? It's pretty much impossible to scour the Internet these days without coming across something that makes you wonder "Why didn't I think of that!?" Case in point: TrueCuddles.com , which spotlights one super cheap tot product each week. In the same vein, Ideeli.com features several designer items per week, like Chanel shades and Gucci purses—but only 'til the goods are gone. The site notes it's for members only, but at the bottom of the page there's a spot for you to sign up.

    Parenting Poop: What Big Apple moms and dads are buzzing about

    Thu Dec 18

    Bun-in-oven mommas make us love the Big Apple New York 's annual "Reasons to Love New York" just hit newsstands, and we couldn't help but swoon over reason #40 : Because Our Pregnant Women Kick Ass. Between trudging up Subway steps and lugging groceries 12 block home, we couldn't agree more. Twittering tots A New York University grad student just created a belt which, when worn during pregnancy, notifies both parents via text message every time the unborn baby kicks. The Daily News article notes that it could have many uses, like making mom and dad aware of decreased movement, which could be a sign of fetal distress. With everyone as virtually connected as they are, does this seem smart or silly? Two too old? The Post took Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford to task for continuing to breastfeed her two-year-old (with the headline of "Udderly Icky," no less). Commentors jumped to her defense, asserting that she's merely a "smart,...

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