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    Mary Poppins has a new star

    Tue Sep 29

    Hold on to your umbrellas! New York City is finally getting an authentic, British version of the ultimate nanny, Mary Poppins . The West End's original Mary, Laura Michelle Kelly, is coming to Broadway to reprise the role that won her an Olivier award (the equivelent of our Tony). In London, she earned raves for playing the prim and pleasant governess for 400+ performances. Kelly starts chim-chim-cheeree-ing at the New Amsterdam Theatre on October 12 at 7pm, just in time for the show's third anniversary on November 16th. Also joining the cast is Christian Borle, who played the lovable, loyal Emmett in Broadway's Legally Blonde . He'll be taking over the part of the tap-dancing chimney sweep Bert. We hope they find their stint in the show to be a jolly holiday!

    The Great Home-School Debate

    Mon Sep 28

    If you haven't already seen this Salon.com article in defense of home-schooling, it's worth a read-through. In his essay, Brooklyn dad Andrew O'Hehir touts the benefits of the option, especially in such a field-trip-rich city like New York, as well as trying to squash some outdated stereotypes: "Some people suspect we have a hidden ideological or religious agenda we're not telling them about. We may look like your standard-issue Brooklyn creative-class family—two 40-something parents, two kids, two pet rabbits and a battered Chrysler minivan—but who are we really? Home schooling has become a lot more mainstream and diverse in recent years, but familiar sterotypes endure. As Alicia Bayer, a Minnesota home-schooler and blogger who's one of Leslie's [O'Hehir's wife and home-schooler of their five-year-old twins] online mentors, puts it, 'People think we're all conservative Christians who hate the government and wear denim jumpers.'" If you still haven't had your fill on...

    Obama wants a longer school day

    Mon Sep 28

    By now, you've probably seen the headlines about President Obama proposing to cut down summer breaks in favor of more time in school, as well as extending hours and opening schools on weekends. And while inevitable moans, tears and tantrums may ensue from your backpack-carrying bunch, the effects could prove monumental—both to you and your tot. Kids love summer vacation, but three months away from the classroom can be a scheduling nightmare for a busy parent. Instead of stressing over lining up and paying for after-school care, you might feel more at ease knowing your children are safe at school. But there are, of course, downsides. The cost would be extreme, especially in an economy that's drowning in a swamp of debt, unable to adequately pay educators for their current hours. And we know exactly who will be footing the bill—you. How do you feel about your youngsters spending longer hours in school on top of a longer academic year? Would you rather pay more tax money...

    What to do today

    Mon Sep 28

    If your kids are out of school today but you aren't observing Yom Kippur, why not treat them, and yourself, to a little history and entertainment at the same time? Head to Times Square between noon and 4pm for the Parade of Anatolian Civilizations, part of the Turkish Days in New York Festival that runs through Oct. 4. On Broadway between 42nd and 47th streets you'll see dances, hear music and folklore and witness actors dressed in traditional costumes ranging from the Ottoman Empire to the Byzantine. Cultural booths and traditional handcraft demonstrations will also be a part of the festivities. Personally, we'd go just to see the Whirling Dervishes whirl.

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