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    Organic obsession: hazardous to your heath?

    Thu Feb 26

    Sure, it's important to instill healthy eating habits in kids, but can you take it too far? This New York Times articles demonstrates how a parent's concern can turn into a kid's nightmare. Obsessing over food can lead to eating disorders, and while it's great to eat organic when you can, one slice of a Carvel ice-cream cake shouldn't send a kid into a conniption. When did we go from not caring at all, to caring too much?

    Netto Collection sale

    Thu Feb 26

    You know we love David Netto's designs so we're not going to beat around the binky: He's currently offering his Case Group and Loft Collection pieces for 40% off. So visit his website or head down to his Lafayette Street studio to check out the furniture. It's only while supplies last. 270 Lafayette St at Prince St Suite 1204

    Stimulate the local economy: Shop for less in Tribeca

    Wed Feb 25

    It's not like we needed Obama's speech last night to remind us how bad things are out there...especially for retailers. But some smart store owners in Tribeca have banned together to keep their businesses (hopefully) booming with their We Heart Tribeca initiative. The concept's simple: Customers who shop at any of the participating businesses--Babylicious, miniMasters, Tribbles Home & Garden, Real Pilates and Blue Bench--will receive discounts and specials at the other enterprises. So sign up for miniMasters classes and you'll automatically receive 15% off at Babylicious, a free trial group class at Real Pilates, 15% off at Blue Bench and 15% off at Tribbles. Sounds like a sweet deal.

    Octomom makes a porno

    Wed Feb 25

    Look out Jenna Jameson, you've got some hot competition right about now, and she answers to the name of Octomom! Adult video company Vivid Entertainment has offered Nadya Suleman, mother of 14 (including the octuplets born in January), $1 million—that's right, ONE MILLION—to star in her own porno flick. According to TMZ , Vivid will even cover her family's medical and dental insurance if she becomes a "contract girl" (meaning she'll have to do multiple videos). Does anyone understand the reasoning behind this? Anyone ? As one of our favorite Twitter mamas, hoosiergirl , put it, "The sex sounds gross, but it'd be cool to see how many marshmallows she could fit in there." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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