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    Kids pick the Prez

    Fri Oct 17

    With the Presidential election weeks away, the city is buzzing with opinions on who will call the White House home come January. It's not just the over-18 crowd -- kids are making their voices heard as well. Since 1988, Nickelodeon has been encouraging children to get engaged through its Kids Pick the President campaign, and this year's turnout has been greater than ever. This weekend, the underage set can head to nick.com to submit ballots in support of McCain or Obama. The results will be revealed on Monday, October 20. Before casting a vote, children can watch videos of the candidates fielding questions from youngsters across the nation, read about election coverage, and see what other kids are saying on the message boards. Parents, take heed of who your pint-size citizen picks. U.S. kids have correctly predicted the President in four of the last five elections! Pick the Prez now!

    Mom porn for democrats

    Fri Oct 17

    When we need cheering up, nothing lifts our spirits like checking out "mom porn." Hot guys and adorable babies are a winning combination. Now, with the stock market collapsing and cold weather looming, we need another fix. We found one on, of all websites, the Huffington Post, which has put together a slide-show that makes us warm and tingly all over. Ready to swoon? Click here.

    Sample sales galore!

    Fri Aug 8

    As the self-proclaimed queen of sample sales, I almost savor the sight of frantic women pushing through the eager crowd chanting the mantra “But it’s only $19.99!” all the way home to their credit card bill. Needless to say, it’s rare to find refreshing bargain-hunting experiences like the one at Bump Brooklyn right now, where mamas-to-be can relish deals on clothes from Schone Maternity without being struck by flailing elbows. From now through Sun 10, the store is offering up to 80% off of tops, bottoms, and dresses from the line, created by Rebecca Schoneveld Cheek, which incorporates materials like organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp for guiltless-chic fashion.   Whether you’re in or out of the glowy, mercurial pregnancy stage, head over to Still Hip for their second-ever bag sale on August 23. The resale store’s play area has spring, summer, and overstock winter merchandise from brands like Oilily and Hanna Andersson, as well as toys, DVDs, books, and maternity wear. Think of the...

    Review: Jack and the Beanstalk

    Mon Aug 4

    Given the current state of the economy, we all can relate to the financial troubles of Jack, the lovable protagonist of the English classic Jack and the Beanstalk. The Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre, located in Central Park’s cutest performance cabin, presents the adapted-for-tots rendition of the fairy tale, a forty-five minute puppet production featuring a lonely boy named Jack, his endearing cow Dolly and, of course, a deceitful giant. Jack, you may recall, is left poor after his father’s death and must sell his dear cow. Although his hungry mother expects her son to return with gold in exchange for the unproductive bovine, Jack defies her wishes and returns with two lima beans, sold to him by a peddler who convinces Jack of their magical powers. Overnight, the beans (which turn out to be magical, indeed) sprout a massive beanstalk all the way into the sky. The adventurous Jack climbs the stalk, only to run into the giant who had stolen his family’s fortune years before....

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