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    Kids defend Heidi Klum's privacy at West Village park

    Fri Jul 10

    It's tough being a parent in NYC, and tougher still for celebrity moms and dads, who can't even take their kids to the park without the paparazzi hounding them. Just ask Heidi Klum: Last Friday, she thought she'd let her kids have a bit of fun in a West Village playground, but soon found herself hounded by photographers who relentlessly documented the outing from just outside the park. Aggravated at the disruption--not to mention the invasion of privacy--the other parents in the park asked the lensmen to leave. When the photogs persisted, the parents went straight to the local cops who explained that as long as they remained outside the playground, the shutterbugs were within their rights. After a couple of hours, some parents were so miffed they turned vigilante, encouraging their kids to lob water balloons at the paps. "It wasn't right," says one parent who was there, "and I told my kid that's not how we deal with things. But, honestly, I'm kind of glad it happened." Klum and...

    Big Apple Games begins! Free sports activities for kids in all five boroughs

    Fri Jul 10

    The DOE has officially launched Big Apple Games , a six-week program offering free recreational activities for kids ages 8 to 19. The no-cost fun has been organized by the Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL), which oversees competitive high school sports during the academic year. There are 48 spots in all five boroughs where your brood can participate. Not only will there be tons of traditional sports (including basketball, softball, baseball, volleyball, swimming, football, soccer and lacrosse), but arts and crafts activities are on the agenda, too. Want some extra incentive to take part? Various locations will offer special programs with local pros, including basketball clinics with players from the New York Liberty and Harlem Wizards. Time to get your game on! Big Apple Games run through August 13. Click here for a list of activities and locations, or dial 311 for additional info.

    The Jonas Bros quit music!*

    Wed Jul 8

    *Just for a day, of course. If you (and your teeny-bopper-obsessed kiddos) haven't already seen our sister pub's uber-hyped cover story on the Jonas Brothers, it's about time you clicked through. In addition to the fun photos , check out the trio's music picks, their NYC event selections and more—all 100% Jonas approved in this week's special issue guest-edited by the siblings. Your tweens will dig it, obviously, as do many of us here at TONY (even the skeptics). They certainly cast a spell! Check out the story now!

    Looking to hire a nanny?

    Tue Jul 7

    Then we've got you covered! Miss Rebecca Layton has got over 10 years of experience watching kids, as well as other credentials (she even worked in an art gallery). Among her merits: She's well-educated, a seasoned dancer and has plenty of references who will back up her super-sitter claims. What she's looking for: A fun family that reads Time Out . Sounds like our kind of girl! Read her full profile and snag her email here .

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