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    Oatmeal for a buck!

    Mon Mar 9

    My buddy Zoe keeps a blog about wheat-free eating in NYC, and she has been raving about the oatmeal at Jamba Juice. I recently tried it, and it is certainly crave-worthy. Even better: The smoothie mecca is doing a great "Stimulate the Economy" deal. Just print this coupon and you can get a big cup of piping hot oatmeal for $1! There are three flavors, ensuring that your picky eater will be satisfied: Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry-Blackberry, and Fresh Banana. So take the tot out for breakfast or a snack and let them wallow in the deliciousness--for a buck. Yum!

    NYC kids campaign to save zoos and aquariums

    Fri Mar 6

    Can you imagine living in New York City without the Bronx Zoo? How about the NY Aquarium? We can't either. In the midst of this concrete jungle, animal- and nature-driven institutions offer a little necessary escape. There's been an uproar about proposed state budget cuts --upward of $9 million--from our zoos, botanical gardens and aquariums, but some fantastic local kids aren't letting the funds slip away without a fight. Recently, students from the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation, PS 81, the Rachel Carson High School of Coastal Studies and IS 230 presented more than 12,000 petitions, letters of support, and drawings created by children from all five boroughs to reps at Governor Paterson's office. Not only did they have the written materials to bolster their concerns, they spoke about how the cuts would directly affect their learning, specifically citing the education programs at the Bronx Zoo and New York Aquarium. We know times are tough, and...

    Parenting Poop: What Big Apple moms and dads are buzzing about

    Fri Mar 6

    A mini news roundup for your Friday! Rapper M.I.A. gave birth to a little boy in early February, but she didn't release his name until now. Latina reports that his name's Ickitt. Oh that will be a fun name in grammar school. Still, we have a hunch it might have some obscure meaning...and it might make a kick-ass rapper name, should he follow in mama's footsteps. Over on the Times' boozy blog, Proof, mom Anna Fricke weighs in on drinking pre- and post-having a kid--and the maturity that comes with it. Have your imbibing habits changed since you became a parent? Do you drink with your kids around or pass on the sauce nowadays? Word is that Obama is planning to lift the ban on funding for embryonic stem cell research this coming Monday. This is a hugely controversial topic and undoubtedly will have some major repercussions. Is it too soon for Mr. President to make such giant legislative moves or are we ready for, um, change?

    High School Musical 4...Sans Zac

    Thu Mar 5

    Want to cause a manic attack in your tween? Tell her that High School Musical 4 is slated to debut in 2010. "OMFG no WAY! I have to TM my BFF!!!" Once she calms down, explain that none of the original cast--not even Zac Efron--will appear in the film. "Shut UP! OMFG no WAY!" According to MTV, Disney plans to introduce a whole new set of (younger and presumably less expensive) actors to play different characters. Because you know, that's going to work so well, kind of like the Star Wars prequels. Of course those did make money...

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