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    Update: TONY Kids tests out Wii Fit

    Mon May 19

    As mentioned below, Nintendo is letting kids—and any and all adults who feel OK making adorable children wait—test Wii Fit, their brand new, super-hyped exercise system. I stopped by this morning to check out the fun, and I'd say it's well worth an after school trip. The players weren't exactly breaking a sweat, but they were enjoying typically detested gym class activities, like lunges and head-butting a soccer ball (good news: it doesn't hurt when the soccer ball is virtual!). Nintendo is also giving away sealed cups of water, free t-shirts and socks. And if all the fun makes your child covetous of his own system, check back here tomorrow for my full review of the game. No, I'm not a kid, but trust me: My athletic ability is equivalent (if not inferior) to your eight year old's.

    Narnia: Prince Caspian hits theaters!

    Fri May 16

    I'm not gonna lie: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is on my list of Top 5 Favorite Movies Ever. What can I say? That Aslan gets me every time. Luckily, the Pevensie kids are back in the magical land after more than 1300 years in Narnian time. The kids return to find the land conquered by the evil Telmarines and their heartless ruler, King Miraz. Luckily for them, the heir to the thrown, Prince Caspian, is completely unlike his vile uncle Miraz, and quickly joins forces with the Pevensies to defeat the King and restore Narnia to its people. The special effects are just as awe-inducing as the first movie in the Narnia series, if not more so, the film full of edge-of-your-seat battles, quick-witted talking animals, and costumes that I can only surmise took months to create. My favorite characters in the first movie, Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, were replaced by a snide little mouse who won my skeptical heart in a flash. The White Witch (played by the amazing Tilda...

    Clif's Fruit Ropes are the new Gushers

    Fri May 16

    The good people from Clif Bars have now sent the hungry editors at Time Out Kids not one but two boxes of nutritious kids' products. We don't often point out snacks you can get at the local grocery store, but something has to be said for this company's Organic Twisted Fruit Rope (I've scarfed down two of the 70-calorie fruit-roll-ups today alone). When I was a kid, all I wanted on earth was for my mom to take me to Grand Union and buy me Gushers (remember those?) and fruit-roll-ups (I used to, rather grossly, wrap one around my thumb, and then suck on it for a solid hour). Luckily, Mom rarely obliged, bringing home tasteless fruit leather instead (which, by the way, everyone in school knew was not nearly as good as the artificial stuff). Here's the thing: Clif's fruit rope actually tastes as good—maybe even better?--than Fruit by the Foot and all that other garbage your kids are craving. Plus it's fairly nutritious! Even better, the solid rope shape will ensure that your...

    Featured event: Music for a Green Planet

    Fri May 16

    It may not feel like Spring yet, but that doesn't mean you and your brood can't go green this weekend. Acclaimed jazz musician Hayes Greenfield performs a concert on Sunday at the Highline Ballroom in Chelsea, where he sings tunes from his album of the same name, all about being environmentally-friendly. The show is just in time for Earth Day (May 20th), a gentle reminder to keep the planet in mind as we become A/C-dependent with the approaching summer months. Though rain may loom in the sky, your kids will likely leave Hayes' performance with a little bit more of an appreciation for Mother Nature, and maybe even inspiration to keep their rooms clean (for now!). See all weekend events here.

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