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    Helping Hand-Me-Down

    Mon Nov 17

    Your kid just turned two and yet you’re still pawning off barely used baby tees and rattles. You can’t bear to throw them away, but selling them—or even giving them away online—is just one more project you can’t take on. Salvation is just a few clicks away. Handmedowns.com lets parents sell, donate or (god forbid) buy gently used wares. Organized by city and item type, handmedowns.com pulls ads from myriad sites including Craigslist and eBay, as well as its own listings, to create a space solely for parent-specific deals. So you can finally get rid of that “Challah Back Girl” onesie…or, if you’re in the market, acquire one.

    What was he inking? Stephen Baldwin gets a Hannah Montana tat.

    Thu Nov 13

    And you were worried that your kid might get a stupid tattoo. TMZ reports that Stephen Baldwin got branded with the letters H and M in a bid to guest star on Miley Cyrus's show. Apparently the conservative actor and the Disney diva are pals. Last year, he asked her if he could appear on Hannah Montana, and she agreed—provided that he tattoo himself with her character's initials. The pair bumped into each other earlier this week, and wouldn't you know it, Baldwin proudly showed off his new artwork. So, what's the weirdest thing about this story? That Baldwin got the tattoo at some point during the past year and didn't bother telling Cyrus until he happened to run into her? That Baldwin gets work through dares instead of his agent? Or the fact that Baldwin and Cyrus are friends at all? (Frankly, that's a little creepy.)   Once Baldwin has filmed his guest spot (he's earned it!), we bet he'll go under the needle for a little cover-up. HM could be turned into a lot of...

    Mayor Announces Plan for More Schools

    Tue Nov 11

    One of the biggest complaints from public-school parents is overcrowding (which was even the case when I was in school in the city in the ’70s). Last week, Mayor Bloomberg put forth a $3.7 billion plan to build 42 new schools in areas that are already jam-packed: Chelsea, Tribeca, the Upper East Side and Gramercy. According to the report, the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Fort Greene, Sunset Park, Park Slope, Dyker Heights and Midwood are also on the list to get new schools. That seems like good news...but critics point out that Bloomberg had promised to create 76 new schools five years ago. In the interim, construction costs have gone up and budgets have plummeted. So guess who suffers--the children.

    Rich American Girl Gets the Boot

    Tue Nov 11

    Samantha Parkington and her entire portfolio are tanking faster than the NASDAQ. The most popular doll in the entire American Girl line--hello, she’s a New York City girl--is going the way of the Cabbage Patch Kids, into the dreaded corporate archives. Come early 2009, Samantha and all her very fabulous accessories (we LOVE the four-poster brass bed), along with her servant-friend Nellie, are moving off the inventory to make way for a new American Girl. No matter how much I tried to cajole her, AG spokesperson Julie Parks refused to even give me a hint about the new doll, but I’m hoping it’s a 1980s girl, with big bad hair and a big bad attitude to match.

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