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    Big Apple Circus = big kid fun

    Mon May 12

    As a 24-year-old, I really should not have been so excited to go to the circus, but I totally was—it was definitely the most anticipated event of my weekend. I didn’t even try and hide my enthusiasm from my friends, telling pretty much anyone who would listen about my impending adventure to see crazy contortionists, tightrope unicyclists, doe-eyed dashing dogs, and a mohawked ringmaster I knew would induce loads of laughter with his slapstick antics. Luckily, the Big Apple Circus’s new 30th anniversary show, “Celebrate” did not disappoint. Nestled in the audience with my own personal funnel cake ready to be devoured, I sat with my roommate Erika to watch a range of jaw-dropping performers dazzle us with their splendiferous skills. My personal favorite was a tie between Grandma the Clown who made me giggle throughout the show like preschooler and the prancing poodles (miniature-sized to waist-height) who jumped up, over and around barriers, poles, and best yet—each other. Erika...

    Kid drives Escalade

    Mon May 12

    This weekend, I headed out with some friends in the East Village. On our way to a bar (around 10pm), we're walking down St. Marks S (between First and Second Aves) when I hear bump of a car bass. I look around to find a black Esclade coming toward me on the sidewalk--driven by a kid that couldn't have been more than six. I assume his parents were ten paces or so behind him, and no, the SUV wasn't actually life-size (it was more the extra-large Power Wheels variety), but everything about the boy driver was completely authentic. He was standing up the seat, jammin' to his blaring tunes, wearing a white shirt with collar popped on one side, acting like he owned the sidewalk. Living in the EV, there's not too much that makes me do a double take anymore, but this was something new entirely. I cursed myself for not snapping a photo as I stood there, staring--gawking really at the coolest kid on the block. Have you seen this Cadillac kid? Would you let your kid cruise St....

    High School Musical talent contest to premiere on ABC

    Fri May 9

    If you're already dreading sitting in a theater packed with tweens watching High School Musical III: Senior Year this fall, then I've got some bad news for you. On July 20th, ABC will premiere quite possibly the most obscure TV-talent contest to date (yes, it's even more specific than 2007's major flop, Grease! You're the One that I Want! on NBC). Newly titled High School Musical: Get in the Picture, the show features teens and young twenty-somethings vying for...get ready for it...the chance to appear in a music video that will be shown in the credits of the new High School Musical movie. Is it me, or is that prize incredibly lame? The winner doesn't even get to be a character! As far as I can tell, the show is a summer-long ad for the feature film, replete with catchy songs that will stick in your kids' heads no matter how hard you try to get them hooked on something else. What do you think? Is Disney riding its movie-musical's popularity too far?

    Featured event: Get grubbin' with chef Christina Pirello

    Fri May 9

    Got some picky eaters in your brood? Always looking for new recipes to satisfy the whole fam? Run a vegetarian household? Fret not: Chef Christina Pirello has got you covered. This Saturday at the Children's Museum of Manhattan, the PBS vegan guru of Christina Cooks shows families how to eat and cook in healthful ways, whipping up tasty meals in a flash as part of the museum's We Can! Cook Healthy series. Audience members who want to get in on the fun can join Christina onstage for some hands-on food prep and advice from the pro herself. After the workshop, your whole clan can munch on the creative concoctions together. Get your grub on this Saturday, May 10th at 2pm at the Children's Museum of Manhattan. The workshop is free with museum admission, but tickets are limited so arrive early. Recommended for ages 5 and up. For a few ideas on how to please every palate in the house, check out these quick, yummy recipes from Christina.

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